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868 mobile landing platform (MLP)

Semi-submersible ships are mainly used to transport large cargo such as maritime platforms and can also be used in salvage missions. Heavy lift vessels using ballast to vary their draft have also been used to transport and install platforms offshore.

The appearance online in May 2015 of photographs of a semi-submersible ship, painted in a naval grey color scheme, nearing completion at the Wenchong shipyard in Guangzhou, prompted speculation that China's People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is about to acquire a mobile landing platform (MLP). The ship is around 170-180 meters [about 585 feet] in length, with a beam of around 33-35 meters [about 110 feet] and an estimated displacement of 30,000 tonnes. As such, it is much smaller than the US Military Sealift Command's Montford Point class of MLPs, which are 240 meters long with a beam of 50 meters.

The vessel with hull number 868 (its project number hasn't been disclosed yet) was delivered to the PLAN on 26 June 2015 by Huangpu Shipyard located in Guangzhou (member of CSSC China State Shipbuilding Corporation). It allegedly was launched in February this year and completed sea trials in just a couple of month. Its main mission will likely be transporting and projecting the Zubr class (Project 12322) acquired by the PLAN.

The so-called semi submersible vessel, also known as the semi submersible type of the mother ship, for special ships, submarines and other super heavy equipment, such as ultra long. It use ballast water adjustment, the loading deck to dive into the water to the carrier of particular goods into semi submersible vessel loading the top deck, and then discharged ballast water, the hull floating goods falls directly on the loading deck, and the goods are shipped to the designated location. This is equivalent to the overall delivery of the shipment, to reach the destination, a semi submarine sinking, it can be set off! This is the same as the European buffalo air cushion landing ship to solve the problem, there is no limit to the combat radius of the.

The deck area of 4000 square meters, if used for naval vessels to transport, can transport the vast majority of warships in active service, can also be equipped with at least 2 "Zubr" air cushion landing ship.

It can transport 2 "Zubr" air cushion landing ships equipped with tanks and armored vehicles, combat battalion landing, the size of the force to complete the low intensity of landing operations tasks. The operational effect is quite good, and the ship can be 20 nautical miles away from the coast, fully in the defensive side of the naked eye outside the place to put down the landing force, with the speed of 50 knots. And in just about 20 minutes, it can be sent to the beach. If the landing ship, then at least give the enemy an hour of early warning time, the difference is large.

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