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112 Harbin - North Sea Fleet Command Ship

At present, the command ship of the Chinese Navy's North Sea Fleet is still the Type 052 #112 Harbin ship, which is surprising to many people. Because of the single-ship performance, the North Sea Fleet is equipped with the 052D destroyer in 2017, although it is later than the East China Sea Fleet and the South China Sea Fleet. In addition, the 051C air defense destroyer has long been in service. The North Sea Fleet is not lacking advanced ships. Why is the Type 052 destroyer that was in service in 1992 still a command ship?

The flagship, or command the ship, depends on whether there is a good command-communication system inside the ship, and the dedicated space to accommodate the relevant personnel and equipment, without depending on the advanced nature of the ship. The command ship needs to play the role of the fleet's combat, not the backbone of the fleet's strike capability, which is very different.

Of course, under normal circumstances, the ship with a larger tonnage has more space to accommodate the command system, so the flagship generally chooses a ship with a larger tonnage. For example, the US Navy has its own “Blue Ridge” class command ship with a displacement of 10,000 tons for commanding complex combat missions, while the “Ticonderoga” class has more space for fleet air defense command, so air defense operations in the fleet It was the responsibility of the the "Ticonderoga" class cruiser.

The Type 052 destroyer is China's first second-generation domestically driven destroyer. When it was in service, it was the most advanced in the Navy. It also focused on the command of the fleet. Therefore, the complete command system was installed and it has been responsible since its service. The mission of the North Sea Fleet. In the second transformation in 2010-2011, the Type 052 was upgraded, but it is said that the command system has also been upgraded, which means that its command capability has not been weakened, and the function as a command ship is still save.

The reason why the Type 052 continues to act as a command ship may be four points. First, although the 052 has only 4,000 tons of displacement, its own command space can be directly used. Second, the 052 type of military equipment configuration is relatively simple, there is no large vertical launch system and other equipment, but does not occupy the space under the deck, the internal space of the hull is also sufficient. Third, the electronic equipment of 052 is relatively simple. There are no other high-energy and high-power electronic devices such as large phased array radar. On the one hand, it can ensure the power supply of the command system, and on the other hand, it is difficult to solve the electromagnetic compatibility problem of the ship. Fourth, the Type 052 uses the LM2500 gas turbine and MTU diesel engine imported from the United States. The maneuverability is reliable enough to keep up with the speed of the new generation of ships and can be accompanied by the fleet operations. Therefore, the 052 can continue to maintain the position of the command ship.

Therefore, despite the continuous service of advanced ships, the 052C/D destroyers still need to reserve enough space for the new generation of large-scale weapons systems still occupy a lot of space. The 4,000-ton class 052 can be freed up to improve the command and control system. A similar situation also appeared on the 051B destroyer 167 Shenzhen ship, which is the new positioning of the domestic second-generation destroyer. The battle can be handed over to the new generation of destroyers. The second-generation ship can free up the hands to command and control. This is also more efficient. arrangement.

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