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Command Ship

Since the PLA command is a centralized control mechanism, rapid communication is essential for military operations. If the plan changes, the troops need new instructions. When some new command and communication systems become available at all levels of the force, if the operational environment requires it, the lower-ranking officers, and more importantly the non-commissioned officers, have the power to change the operational plan. This authorized command is very important for amphibious operations because the landing battlefield is very chaotic and scattered, and the highest commander is located on the landing ship. When senior commanders are commanding on the beach, some small units must be able to take the initiative to fight.

However, the PLA has effectively authorized the command, and it takes time to use the new command and communication equipment to form combat capability. China does not have a command ship like the US "Blue Ridge" command and control landing ship. The People's Liberation Army currently uses the fleet supply ship as the command and control ship, but the supply ship is undoubtedly not suitable for use as a command ship.

The command ship is also called the "flagship", which is a landing combat warship that performs unified command of the formation in the operation. In the usual concept of people, the flagship must be the ship with the largest tonnage, the strongest firepower, the best performance, and the most advanced ship. For example, in the Jutland Sea War, the flagship "Iron Duke" of the British main fleet. The flagship was both the command ship of the fleet and the most combative main battleship. Evaluating the performance of a modern command ship should be considered in terms of command communication capabilities, commander's workspace and ship survivability.

The US Navy "Blue Ridge" is different. The "Blue Ridge" has almost no other operational tasks except for fulfilling the functions of command and control. In a sense, the "Blue Ridge" is completely a general "professional" flagship. For the "Blue Ridge", the first thing worth mentioning is the displacement of nearly 20,000 tons. The large displacement makes the Blue Ridge have sufficient deck area to arrange a large number of large communication antennas to avoid mutual interference due to dense antenna configuration; the large displacement makes the Blue Ridge have good airworthiness. With a large endurance and strong self-sustaining power, considering the rapid development of communication electronic equipment and the continuous improvement of operational command requirements, this displacement can also guarantee a large room for future improvement and modification.

The ship is equipped with a combat intelligence command system to command landing formations to carry out missions such as voyage, transfer, landing, fire support, and anti-submarine and air defense. During World War II, amphibious command ships were converted into commercial ships, or they were used as cruise ships and other transport ships. In the early 1970s, the United States built two "Blue Ridge"-class amphibious command ships with a full displacement of 18,000 tons, a maximum speed of 23 knots, an endurance of 13,000 nautical miles, and a crew of 700 people.

The Chinese Navy believes that the model of a single-function full-time command ship in the United States has fallen behind the times and is not suitable for itself. Therefore, a similar full-time command ship has not been developed. The early amphibious warships of the Chinese Navy, such as the 072 series landing ship, did not have the command capacity of amphibious operations due to technical level and capital.

The Chinese Navys earlier amphibious command capability was the No. 167 Shenzhen ship, and the amphibious operational command module was embedded in the formation combat command system. In 2014 the 167 ship was returned to the shipyard for modification and upgrading operations. After the change, it will be no problem to continue as the flagship + command ship of the South China Sea Fleet. Shenzhen started a major upgrade of its weapons and electronics systems. It was later spotted at a naval base of the South Sea Fleet with new weapons and a streamlined superstructure, indicating it has finished the modernization work.

The command ship of the Chinese Navy's North Sea Fleet is still the Type 052 Luhu-class Harbin #112 ship, which is surprising to many people. Because of the single-ship performance, the North Sea Fleet is equipped with the 052D destroyer in 2017. The 052 missile destroyer No. 112 Harbin ship was built at the end of the last century and entered the Chinese North Sea Fleet in 1994. From the time point of view, the Harbin ship has fallen behind the new generation of 052D and other new warships. However, after several decades of modification, the Harbin ship is still known as the old and the strong. More importantly, the design of this type of destroyer left a lot of space for the modified command ship.

The Type 052 destroyer was designed earlier. At that time, the Chinese Navy urgently needed a new type of warship capable of fighting overseas. Many technologies were not yet mature. For example, there is no missile hairline installation, which saves a lot of space for the hull. Traditional radar equipment has less impact on command system compatibility and lower energy consumption, and can maintain the long-term work of the command ship. In terms of maneuverability, the US gas turbines and diesel engines obtained from the honeymoon period in the last century ensured that Harbin could follow the new generation of warships. In general, within a period of time, the No. 112 ship is also suitable for the Chinese North Sea Fleet.

At the beginning of the 21st century, when developing the Type 071 integrated landing ship, the H/ZKT-1B type accusation system was configured. This system not only can organize the effective operation of the ship's electronic weapons, but also has the command and lander and helicopter for the three-dimensional landing. Command ability of combat. In the development of the 075 amphibious assault ship, China's military ship technology level and financial security level are not comparable. According to China's rapid development of electronic and aerospace information technology, the development of the amphibious combat command system also made a breakthrough. It has the world's advanced level in terms of ability.

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