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K-8 Karakorum

Builder Nanchang/Hongdu
Technical Data
Overall length 11.6 m
Overall height 4.21 m
Wing area 17.02 m2
Wing span 9.63 m
Wheel track 2.54 m
Wheel base 4.442 m
Normal take-off weight 3700 kg
Useful load 943 kg
Internal fuel capacity 780 kg
Weight empty 2757 kg
Max take-off weight 4332 kg
Engine WS-11 turbofan (Chinese copy of Ukrainian AI-25TLK)
Rated power Max static thrust at sea level 3600 lbs
SFC 0.502 lb/lb thrust hr (Max static thrust)
Air flow 115 lbs /sec (take-off and max continuous)
Engine net weight 812 lb
Pressure ratio 13.9
Bypass ratio 2.67
An access through which the engine is installed/removed is provided on the belly of the fuselage. With this provision, replacement of the engine in the field takes 50 minutes.
Flight Performance
Max speedMach 0.75 / 513 kts / 950 kmh / 590 mph
Max level speed 800 km/hr
Rate of climb at sea level 30 m/s
Service ceiling 13600 m
Built-in Range 1560 km
Ferry range (with drop tanks) 2140 km
Endurance 3.2 hrs
Max endurance (with drop tanks) 4.2 hrs
Unstick speed 185 km/hr
Touchdown speed 160 km/hr
Take-off ground run 440 m
Landing ground run 530 m
Limit load factor +7.33 g -3.0 g
  • Option for 23 mm belly-mounted cannon
  • 4 underwing hardpoints capable of 943 kg (2,078 lbs.) of ordnance, including PL-7 anti-aircraft missiles, bombs, or rockets
  • Crew
    Customers PLAAF (China), Pakistan Air Force, Myanmar Zambia Air Force and Namibia Air Force

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