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China's HJ-9 heavy anti-tank missile, frequently seen on defense shows in recent years, is reportedly called one of the world advanced and powerful anti-tank weaponry. The HJ-9 is a vehicle-based long-range anti-tank missile of high precision. It is capable of effectively destroying various new-type tanks produced around the year 2000 and other armored objects found. HJ-9 is reportedly most sophisticated in searching and striking objects, tracking and loading, with a combat capability at all time and under all weather and a precision of hits over 90 percent under the guide of an around-the-clock observation system. All in all, what's outstanding with HJ-9 is its advanced automatic missile loading good to be put on duty by its high combat readiness and split second's gear.

The HJ-9 antitank guided missile armament system is the new wheeled armored vehicle of the Chinese army. The antitank guided missile armament system has longer firing distance far, higher precision, and other advantageous for characteristic for high-speed mobility combat. It coordinates with other tank-destroyings weapon, to constitute far, center, the near firepower in echelon. It mainly attacks the enemy tank and other armored targets, when the necessity also may use for to attack the enemy reinforced concrete fortification and the firebase.

The HJ-9 antitank guided missile consists of the tube-loaded missile, the weapon stands and major part carries the vehicle three to be composed. The tube-loaded missile consists of the missile, the launcher tube and its the attached part is composed. The weapon stand's main function is the search, the aiming, the track goal, launches the missile, controls the guided flight, carries the observation and sighting control device. The vehicle carries the firing equipment, the crew members and the weapon station. It provides the carrier and armor protection, and is composed by the wheeled chassis and the supplementary equipment. The supplementary equipment includes: Glimmer pilot mechanism, vehicle commander monitor, communication equipment, three-defense installment, automatic fire sprinkler, smoke curtain shell launching device and auxiliary armament and so on.

The HJ-9 antitank guided missile uses the fluctuation type four-rack launching device, after the fire, may implement automatically throws the tube and loads again. When use only must throughout aim the telescopic sights aiming ten word and lines the goal, the guidance equipment automatically forms the laser instruction, controls the missile to fly to the goal. The HJ-9 antitank guided missile firing distance is far, when straight looks the fire resistance may take the initiative opens fire; The might is big, the warhead is two levels of series warheads, to installs the reactive armor and has not installed the reactive armor the tank all to be able to implement the attack; The precision is high, has the good night fighting ability, has the advanced hot picture sights and at night glimmer pilot mechanism, guaranteed the armament system can mobile battle under darkness condition; Maneuvering performance good, the chassis installment central has the tire sufficiently to deflate the system, has good to the soft ground passes the nature, the cross-country performance is good, after the tire is hit by the bullet, still could safely go, but also had fords and floats crosses the performance; The antijamming ability is stronger, can resist the smoke, the light, the fog and the common natural background disturbance which in the battlefield appears, but also has copes with the enemy active countermeasures the ability.

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