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Fuqing Class (Replenishment Ships) (AOR)

Fuqing class is the name given by NATO to the the PLA Navys first replenishment oilers. Construction of the vessel began in the mid-1970s at the Dalian Shipyard. Four Fuqing class ships were built with one unit converted to merchant service in 1989 and another sold to Pakistan in 1987. The Chinese navy was not yet equipped with large surface vessels with substantial offshore supply equirements so in fact four supply ships were not necessary. As of 2013 two units remained in Chinese service, but were expected to retire soon.

Fuqing class is the NATO code for PLA Navy supply tankers. In mid-1970s, the Dalian shipyard began construction. First an X615 in December 15, 1979 service. The Fuqing-class AOR is an 18,000-ton (estimated)-capacity replenishment oiler equipped with six replenishment stations and a helicopter landing deck. Built at Luda (Lu-ta) Shipyard Dairen this vessel was the largest and most important auxiliary in China and gave the Navy an underway-replenishment capability. There are three units in the class, indicating that one unit would eventually be deployed to each of the three fleet areas.

Development of the Fuqing AOR was evidence of China's intention to develop capability to operate naval forces away from traditional coastal waters. With the eventual deployment of the Fuging, a variety of special-purpose vessels and escorts would be able to operate with greater flexibility over much greater ranges.

In May 1980, X615 and its sister ship X950 participated in a naval task force with 18 vessels consisting of aunder the symbol "580 mission," the first time that China DF-5 Full range ICBM had a test flight in the South Pacific deployment. In November 1985, the three countries in South Asia during a friendly visit, X615 and two destroyers through the Strait of Malacca in the first time in history the PLA Navy went into the Indian Ocean.

In service, the first one had the number No. R326, but later changed in service X615. In 1980, the name "Feng Cang" (Chord Road East Wan 615), in 2003, was re-named as "Hongze Lake" sign, and give new number No. 881. Currently in the East China Sea Fleet deployment.

No. X575 second ship in 1980 to "Taicang" sign (number No. 575). In 2003, the ship was renamed "lake" sign and give a new number 882. Currently deployed in the North Sea Fleet. Inconsistencies with the first unit are the smoke stack shape.

The third ship in 1980 changed X950 "sea Cang" (Nam Wan Road 950). Decommissioned in 1989, it was transferred to the merchant fleet as tankers. Fourth ship, "Nasr" sign (No. 871 original number, in Pakistan Navy numbered No. A47), was built for Pakistan Navy. Delivered in 1985.

Fuqing class are 160 meters long, with a standard displacement of 7,500 tons and 21,740 tons full load displacement. Capable of transporting 10,550 tons of fuel oil, 1,000 tons of diesel fuel, 200 tons of boiler water, 200 tons of drinking water and 50 tons of lubricating oil. The boat has four fuel supply supplies Yan Yan, and two, the ability to resupply three ships simultaneously. Aviation: aft is equipped with a flight deck, but did not provide hangar. This gives the ship a limited vertical resupply (VERTREP) capability.

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