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Francesco Nullo Class (Xiangyanghong 5)

The Xiangyanghong 5 is a Polish Nullo class ship whose principal task is conducting preliminary investigation in sea areas selected for intercontinental ballistic missile full range flight test or other large scale tests. She can also serve as a meteorological center at sea for collecting, analyzing and forecasting weather; and as a communication relay ship for the main instrumentation ship.

The Sixth MMB, together with the state Ocean Bureau, Meteorological Bureau of Headquarters of the General Staff and Shanghai Municipality, was responsible for the ship, No.708 Institute took up the overall design and Jiangnan shipyard took up the construction work, with Xa Xueyan as director for design work in technical design and Lu Zai of Jiangnan shipyard for construction detail design.

The ocean going surveying ship has a displacement of 13,000 tons, is capable of resisting state 12 winds and taking global voyage. The meteorological system of the ship is composed of meteorological, rain wind measuring radar, helium high altitude balloon release apparatus, satellite cloud chart receiver and meteorological rockets. The communication system centers at 30 kilowatt shortwave and is supplemented with quite enough number of other communication means.

The ocean surveying system is composed of hydrological, geological, earth magnetism, gravitation, biological, wave and optical experimental equipments and laboratories, also, the ship has a hydro acoustic test system and helicopter take off and landing and storage facilities. She can take up tasks of high altitude meteorological survey, ocean scientific research, underwater communication test and communication relay.

In June 1975, Jiangnan shipyard began her construction and she was completed for use in Oct. 1979.

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