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CVN 003 aircraft carrier - Catapult

Major general Yin Zhuo had said on CCTV, whether it is a steam ejection or electromagnetic ejection, there is no bottleneck for the country. Implication, China has solved the key research of steam ejector and electromagnetic ejection, the specific application is only a matter of time sooner or later.

Yin Zhuo believes that in China's future construction of second domestic aircraft carrier, it is best to use electromagnetic catapult takeoff way. Because the smaller the aircraft carrier deck area, the lower the attack efficiency of carrier based aircraft. If the electromagnetic launcher is used, the efficiency of the deck is much higher than that of the take-off. As researchers, we also hope to achieve corner overtaking, direct the development of electromagnetic launch (carrier), and the United States to achieve par."

As early as March 2015, electrical engineering experts Ma Weiming major technical major general has publicly said, catapult take-off technology is no problem, practice is also very smooth, confident to apply to the reality". He has accomplished in the field of integrated power system represents the development direction of the naval power, in 2002 and 2013 two times by the Central Military Commission awarded the order of merit, second of them believed and the catapult. Academician Ma Weiming said the electromagnetic launch technology has been carried out for many years of research, "I believe that the main technical difficulties have been resolved, the next step is the specific engineering applications."

The reactor can also provide power for the electromagnetic launch system (002 types of conventional aircraft carriers may use steam catapult). The efficiency of electromagnetic launch system has been improved, and the maintenance frequency is lower than that of the steam ejection system. For the specific task of the air carrier fleet may, with fifth generation stealth fighter, the most likely type is J-31 or J-20 fighter of the Navy version.

The electronic catapult system would allow 003 type to operate aircraft with a takeoff weight of 50 tons. This would include air refueling, airborne early warning aircraft, anti submarine warfare aircraft, small cargo aircraft and attack aircraft.

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