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Both CM-501GA and CM-501XA tactical missiles were first shown at the 2014 Zhuhai Air Show. The CM-501GA concept is consistent with the US "Net Fire" NLOS system, and the Dongfeng Warrior CSK181 series vehicles can be used as the chassis. In combat, it will become a powerful fire support weapon for the PLA tactical detachment, especially to greatly improve the ability of tactical units to control in complex terrain environments and to combat high-time-sensitive maneuvers. In combat, the CM-501XA may launch first, reconnaissance for the tactical unit, and transmit data for the CM-501GA, which is combated by the CM-501GA.

The 12th Zhuhai Air Show opened on 06 November 2018. Among the supporting weapons and ammunition exhibited at Zhi-10ME, the small cruise missile named CM-501XA attracted attention. The CM-501XA adopts a rectangular projectile design, which not only reduces the radar reflection cross-sectional area (RCS) signal to a certain extent, but also facilitates different combat loads according to different operational requirements, and is equipped with a large display ratio wing.

At the February 2019 Abu Dhabi International Defense Exhibition, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation revealed that the PLA has equipped the new CM-501GA and CM-501XA missiles. If nothing else, this will be the first time the PLA has equipped such a vertical launch tactical missile.

The CM-501XA patrol-attack missile weapon system is a small-scale integrated fire-strike system that can be launched together with the CM-501GA. It integrates functions such as dynamic planning, long-time patrol, reconnaissance and surveillance, precision strike and damage assessment, and is mainly responsible for Tasks such as precise target strike and task coordination and control within the Army's tactical depth. The CM-501XA body is a 230 mm * 230 mm rectangle with a warhead weight of 8.5 kg, a control radius of 70 km and a cruise time of 30 minutes.

The biggest feature of the CM-501XA is that it can be left on the battlefield for dozens of minutes after launch, to combat time-sensitive targets or remote targets, and to transmit the target information back to the carrier through the data link. Although the cruise missile is not a new concept weapon, Israel developed the "Harpy" anti-radiation cruise missile (also known as the anti-radiation drone) as early as the 1990s, but combined the cruise missile with the Wuzhi WZ-10ME attack helicopter will undoubtedly greatly enhance the latter's over-the-horizon strike capability.

The patrol missile is an informational ammunition in the new century. Its biggest feature is that it can stay in the battlefield for a long time, attacking time-sensitive targets or Remote targets, such as the other side missile launch vehicle, tanks, self-propelled artillery, etc. In addition, it can also be equipped with a data link to transmit the target information to the carrier to achieve reconnaissance and strike integration. The CM-501XA uses a rectangular projectile. Reduce the RCS, and also realize the modular warhead, equipped with different warheads according to needs, to deal with different targets, and use more flexibility. It adopts large aspect ratio wings, has a large lift-to-drag ratio, and has a low speed endurance. The X-shaped rudder is used at the rear to improve the maneuverability of the cruise missile.

The CM-501XA is equipped with a direct-to-ground target attack distance of more than 20 kilometers. It can strike the outside of the range of the armored air defense system, thus further improving the straightness. WZ-10 armed helicopter battlefield survivability, from here we can also see that domestic helicopter gunships have been carried out for a new generation of field air defense systems Improvements and upgrades.

The coordinated operation of armed helicopters and drones is an important direction for the development of armed helicopters in the new century. A new generation of air defense systems, such as the Russian armored air defense system, has been put into practical use, and the ground air defense system has also resisted more than 20 kilometers from armed helicopters. This requires armed helicopters to conduct battlefield situational awareness and strike ground targets within a wider range, but armed helicopters. The space and load are limited, and the drone becomes a powerful helper.

CM-501XA CM-501XA CM-501XA CM-501XA

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