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Both CM-501GA and CM-501XA tactical missiles were first shown at the 2014 Zhuhai Air Show. The CM-501GA concept is consistent with the US "Net Fire" NLOS system, and the Dongfeng Warrior CSK181 series vehicles can be used as the chassis. In combat, it will become a powerful fire support weapon for the PLA tactical detachment, especially to greatly improve the ability of tactical units to control in complex terrain environments and to combat high-time-sensitive maneuvers. In combat, the CM-501XA may launch first, reconnaissance for the tactical unit, and transmit data for the CM-501GA, which is combated by the CM-501GA.

At the 2019 Abu Dhabi International Defense Exhibition, the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation revealed that the PLA has equipped the new CM-501GA and CM-501XA missiles. If nothing else, this will be the first time the PLA has equipped such a vertical launch tactical missile.

Modern warfare has entered the era of network and digitalization. A device that can provide tactical commanders (teachers and subordinates) with fast and accurate fire effects on high-value targets and evaluate target damage in real time is just needed. At this point, the Americans started earlier and developed the "Net Fire" missile weapon system. However, due to the stricter management of the Congressional masters, the project had to be cancelled in 2010. At the Zhuhai Air Show November 2018, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation exhibited an Army multi-purpose precision strike weapon system focused on foreign trade.

The Chinese Army's multi-purpose precision strike weapon system consists of the CM-501GA/CM-502 missile, the CM-501XA/CM-501X cruise missile, the accusation system, and the technical support system. It can accurately attack enemy high-value targets, moving targets, and anti-slope targets. The CM-501GA missile uses a box launch and can kill enemy targets within 5 to 40 kilometers. In addition to killing ground units, the CM-502 missile can also intercept low-altitude targets such as enemy helicopter gunships and drones. The CM-501XA/CM-501X weapons can cruise for 30 minutes in a 70km radius combat zone, and the patrol can also serve as a small drone to assess enemy targets and assess damage effects. These two missiles, like the CM-501GA/CM-502 missiles, use box launches, which means that the system can "customize" its configuration to the task.

Although the domestic "netfire" system is highly overlapping with artillery/rocket launchers and operational tactical missiles in mission missions, the system still has its place. Modern artillery/rocket launchers and combat tactical missiles are not "one person" in combat. They also need corresponding supporting equipment, such as reconnaissance vehicles, reconnaissance radars, meteorological vehicles, command vehicles, ammunition supply vehicles, etc., and the price will be very expensive. . The cruise missile equipped with the domestic "fire network" system is itself a small reconnaissance aircraft. No need for other reconnaissance equipment. In addition, the fistula is a gun/rocket or a tactical missile. There is very little ability to attack enemy mobile units, and the domestic "fire network" system can do it. Therefore, the system is very suitable for small-scale conflicts of the Army and weapons for reconnaissance targets and targets.

The CM-501GA uses TV/infrared imaging combined with end-guided guidance, and uses the inertial navigation system that may be assisted by the global satellite navigation system for cruise guidance. The CM-501GA missile is 2 meters long and has a diameter of 180 mm. It weighs 100 kilograms and uses a 20 kilogram high-explosive warhead with a range of 5-40 kilometers. The manufacturer claims that its hit accuracy can be controlled within 1 meter and the hit rate is 90%.

CM-501GA CM-501GA

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