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Chengdu Military Region Air Force
Chengdu Military Area Air Force Command

The Chengdu Military Region Air Force was originally established in 1950 as the Xinan (Southwest) MRAF and was established in Chengdu, but when the Military Region HQ moved to Wuhan in May 1955 it was redesignated as the Wuhan MRAF. The Chengdu MRAF Command Post was established on 20 October 1965 and became the Chengdu MRAF on 15 August 1985.

The Air Force of the Chengdu Military Region is a campaign corps of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force stationed in the Chengdu Military Region. It belongs to the establishment of the Air Force and is under the dual leadership of the Air Force and the Chengdu Military Region. Lead and command the air force units stationed in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Chongqing, and Tibet. It is mainly responsible for air defense operations in the area, air offensive operations, and coordinated army operations.

On August 15, 1985, the Central Military Commission approved that the Chengdu Military Region Air Force Command Post merged with the Kunming Military Region Air Force Command Post and reorganized into the Chengdu Military Region Air Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. On September 9, it was established in Chengdu. The agency has a headquarters, political department, logistics department, and aviation engineering department. In September 1993, the Aviation Engineering Department was renamed the Equipment Technology Department, and in December 1998, it was reorganized into the Equipment Department.

After the establishment of the Chengdu Military Region Air Force, the air force command posts of the Chengdu Military Region and Kunming Military Region were under the leadership of the Chengdu Military Region Air Force. At the same time, some divisions and regiment-level units were adjusted, abolished, and merged, and the Chengdu Military Region Air Force forward command post was established in Kunming. In June 1987, the command post was renamed the Kunming Command Post of the Air Force. By the end of the 20th century, the Air Force of the Chengdu Military Region had developed into a combined army composed of aviation, ground-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft artillery, radar, communications and other specialized forces.

The Air Force of the Chengdu Military Region adheres to the absolute leadership of the Chinese Communist Party over the army, strengthens ideological and political construction and grassroots construction, and maintains a high degree of stability and centralization of the army. Weapons and equipment have been continuously improved, and more advanced aircraft and surface-to-air missiles have been successively equipped with troops. By insisting on taking combat effectiveness as the standard and centering on military training, strict training and strict requirements, the army's combat effectiveness will be raised to a new level. Responsible for combat missions, daily combat readiness and various support tasks in the southwest region, and make important contributions to safeguarding the national airspace security.

In December 1985, a helicopter was sent over the "Roof of the World" to fight snow and disaster relief. In May 1987, the air force was urgently organized into Tibet. This is the largest airlift in the plateau area in the history of the People's Liberation Army. Participated in the National Day military parade and scientific research experiment in the capital, and successfully completed the task. Perform flood relief, earthquake relief, aerial seeding afforestation and other tasks to make contributions to protecting people's lives and property and supporting national economic construction.

In the process of defending and building the motherland and strengthening army building in the Chengdu Military Region Air Force, a number of advanced units and heroes and models have emerged. The honorary titles awarded by the Central Military Commission are: "Gambara Hero Radar Station." The air force conferred honorary titles on: "Model Maintenance Brigade", "Maintenance Top Soldier" and "Model Pilot" Liang Youyi, etc.

Successive commanders: Hou Shujun, Xie Decai, Huang Hengmei, Wang Chaoqun, Fang Dianrong; successive political commissars: Feng Yingshan, Bi Hao, Shao Rongtang, Lin Wanhai, Guo Yuxiang, Zhu Yongqing, Feng Yongsheng, Liu Yazhou, Wang Yufa.

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