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Air Force Engineering University

No.1 Jia Zi Changle East Road 
Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

The Air Force Engineering University is located in Xi’an, the ancient capital for a thousand years. It is the highest professional technical institution of the Air Force, the cradle of high-quality new military personnel of the People’s Air Force, and an important base for military technological innovation. The university was formed by the merger of the former Air Force Engineering College, Missile College, and Telecommunications Engineering College in 1999. All three colleges have nearly 60 years of history. Now formed Aeronautical Engineering Institute, Air and Missile Defense College, School of Information and navigation, air traffic control pilot College, unmanned aerial vehicles and engineering equipment School of Management, Graduate School, aviation maintenance officer school, Basic, military and political base line " six homes one school The overall layout of the Department One Series. The university has 5 campuses, covering an area of more than 10,300 acres, with advanced teaching and research facilities and a complete public service system. It is a national " model unit for greening " and an " ecological camp " for the entire army .

University aims to cultivate high-level engineering and command officers as the main branches of the military air force, ground air defense, communications and so on, the air force to bear 70% of the ground officers and 20 more than the national student training mission. Currently school students 1 million people, including graduate student 1500 more than people. The school has a high-level faculty, including more than 720 professors and associate professors, more than 510 doctoral and master tutors , academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chief scientists of the national "973 plan " , national teaching teachers, national model teachers, national outstanding teachers, There are more than 200 national outstanding scientific and technological workers, national candidates of the Hundreds and Thousand Talents Project, young Changjiang Scholars, and winners of the " Seeking Truth " Award .

The employer conducts political assessment and comprehensive inspection. Political assessment mainly examines political outlook, religious beliefs, compliance with laws and regulations, and major social relations; comprehensive inspection mainly examines actual performance, comprehensive quality and professional capabilities.

All officers and soldiers of the school must have a firm belief in the "soul of the army", firmly believe in the party's belief, love the party and follow the party, unswervingly adhere to the party's absolute leadership, and ensure that politically, ideologically, and operationally, they maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission. The party is assured of loyal fighters.

All officers and soldiers of the school must actively participate in the military transformation with Chinese characteristics, base themselves on their posts, study military knowledge and skills assiduously, strengthen practical training of military strength and ability, comprehensively improve their overall quality, and contribute to building an informatized army and winning informatized wars.

With the deepening of the construction and transformation of the Air Force, the destiny of the Air Force has historically been closely linked with the "sky" . In the coming era of air and space, the integration of air and space is the school's establishment of strategic thinking, fulfillment of strategic missions, and strategy. The only way to function is also an important feature of construction and development. The school is a comprehensive university integrating engineering, science, liberal arts, management, law, military and other disciplines. The disciplines cover the key technical fields of the main arms of the Air Force. It must emphasize the combination of military education, science education and humanities education.

With the deepening of military construction, new and higher requirements have been put forward for personnel training. As a base for training personnel in the Air Force, universities must increase their efforts to cultivate interdisciplinary talents who are skilled, command and manage.

Military academies must serve the construction of the troops and the generation of combat effectiveness. In terms of function, the universities must gradually realize the tripartite combination of teaching, scientific research, and the combination of teaching, scientific research, and troops.

The mission characteristics of the university are to establish a domestic first-class comprehensive university with distinctive characteristics of the Air Force. Recently, it is ranked in the forefront of the five comprehensive universities. The main sign is to achieve the breakthrough of academicians, one hundred doctoral dissertations nationwide, and the national key laboratory "zero", complete the key construction project of the central campus, and realize the optimization and reorganization of disciplines and the integration of campus functions. Won "Excellent" in the evaluation of the teaching work of military academies. In the long run, the overall level of discipline construction, the quality of talent training, the level of the faculty, the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and the overall level of school running will be significantly improved, reaching the national " 211 Project" construction level.

The training characteristics of the university are building a "teaching platform" and "research platform". To achieve the domestic first-class construction goal, the key is to make significant progress in improving the level of teaching and technological innovation. This is determined by the status and role of the university as a comprehensive university. It is the position that the university must adhere to in teaching and research.

Complete comprehensive strong school, training transformation and teaching evaluation. Integrated create strong school is the only way to achieve the goal of leading universities for training shift, teach Evaluation lay a solid foundation and platform. Transition training is to promote the work of all institutions personnel training, scientific research, military and other service base basis, provide power and a strong guarantee for the comprehensive school, teaching evaluation. Teaching evaluation is a standard for all staff and elements in the whole teaching work , providing direction and goals for comprehensively strengthening the school and training transformation.

Play a leading role in the training of air force informatization construction talents, play a leading role in the advancement of air force science and technology, play a backbone role in the application of air force main combat equipment, and play a demonstrative role in the construction of air force academies.

Become a "cradle" for cultivating high-quality informatized military talents, a "frontier" of military theory, technology, organization, management, and cultural innovation, a "base" for transforming research results into military combat effectiveness, and a leading agency and army seeking to win The "think tank" has become a "bridge" for military training and military cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

School of Aerospace Engineering

Located in Luyuan Campus, Baqiao District, Xi'an City, it was formerly known as the Air Force Engineering College. It was founded in 1959 and became the university's internal college in 1999. In 2012, it was renamed the Aerospace Engineering College. It mainly trains high-level professional technical officers in the field of aerospace engineering and technical command compound talents in the field of airport construction engineering for the Air Force, and undertakes training tasks such as theoretical modification, professional deepening of the Air Force's new aviation weapon equipment, and aviation maintenance command. The college currently has 3 post-doctoral research stations, 18 doctoral degree authorization points, 18 master degree authorization points, and 10 undergraduate majors. It has undertaken more than 200 major basic research projects such as the national "863" plan, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the national defense "973" project, and the national defense pre-research fund, and more than 1,100 equipment scientific research projects. It has 1 national key discipline, 1 national key laboratory and 2 military key laboratories. The research in the field of military aviation equipment full system, full life comprehensive technical support and other fields is in a leading position in China.

Air Defense and Missile Defense Academy

The main body is located in the central campus of Baqiao District, Xi'an, and the practical teaching base is located in the Sanyuan campus. The predecessor was the Air Force Missile Academy. It was founded in 1958. In 1999, it became the university's internal college. In 2012, it was renamed the Air Defense and Missile Academy. It mainly trains intermediate and senior engineering and technical officers and junior and intermediate command officers for the Air Force surface-to-air missile force and scientific research institutes. It undertakes the vocational and technical education of the air force surface-to-air missile force non-commissioned officers, cadre appointment training and new equipment conversion training. It is the only air force A military academy that trains ground-to-air missile force combat command, combat operations, and technical support "finger-technical integration" talents. It is also the first missile professional school in the entire army. The college has 3 post-doctoral research stations, 14 doctoral degree authorization points, 20 master degree authorization points, and 9 undergraduate majors. It has 1 national key discipline, 2 military key disciplines, 2 military key laboratories and 1 Air Force air defense and antimissile simulation training center. The college has achieved fruitful results in air defense and anti-missile military theory innovation, basic theory and technology research, equipment cutting-edge technology innovation and equipment model supporting scientific research, etc., in the fields of air and space defense, air defense strategy and tactics, military operations research, electromagnetic field and microwave technology Research is in a leading position in China.

School of Information and Navigation

Located in Taoyuan Campus, Lianhu District, Xi'an, it was formerly known as the Air Force Telecommunications Engineering College. It was founded in 1957 and became an internal college of the university in 1999. In 2012, it was renamed the Information and Navigation College. It mainly trains engineering and technical officers and command officers in the fields of communication and navigation, command information systems and other fields for the Air Force, as well as training missions for foreign military students. The college currently has two disciplines of engineering and military science, 10 doctoral degree authorization points, 15 master degree authorization points, 4 undergraduate majors (directions), 2 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, and 2 military key laboratories And 1 post-doctoral research mobile station. Research in the fields of military navigation engineering, aerospace information network, and command information system is in a leading position in China.

Air Traffic Control Pilot Academy

Located in the central campus of Baqiao District, Xi'an. In 2012, it was formed by the merger of the Air Force’s original Air Traffic Control Department and the Air Force’s original Second Flight Academy Early Warning Command and Guidance Department. The academy is the only comprehensive training institution for air traffic control and piloting talents in the entire military. It is the source and important for the military to organize the training of professional military talents required for national flight control, air defense security alert, air battlefield control, air combat planning, and air combat command and control. Theory and technical support platform. There are 2 doctoral degree authorization points, 2 master degree authorization points, and 2 undergraduate majors. There are first-class experimental and practice sites such as the National Key Laboratory of Air Traffic Control Collision Prevention Technology, Tower Flight Command, and Aviation Command and Control.

School of Equipment Management and Safety Engineering

Located in the central campus of Baqiao District, Xi'an. It was established in 2012 with the approval of the Central Military Commission. Mainly for the Air Force to train command and technical officers engaged in aviation maintenance quality control, equipment procurement, and airworthiness management. The college currently has 1 post-doctoral research mobile station, 7 doctoral degree authorization points, 8 master degree authorization points, and 3 undergraduate majors. Has 1 military key discipline. Research in the fields of equipment systems engineering, equipment reliability, security, and economy, and aircraft airworthiness technology and management is in a leading position in the military.

Faculty of Science

Located in the central campus of Baqiao District, Xi'an. It is mainly responsible for the teaching tasks of the first and second grades of the university's undergraduates in the basic military and political and scientific and cultural stages. At the same time, it undertakes the training tasks of science and some military and engineering graduate students and the teaching tasks of the public basic courses of graduate students in the school. There are 8 doctoral degree authorization points, 18 master degree authorization points, and 1 professional master degree authorization point. The college has advanced teaching facilities, all of which implement multimedia teaching; it has more than 30 basic laboratories such as university physics, electronic technology, theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, chemistry, voice and computer practice, and innovative experiment center. The teaching conditions and experimental equipment are at the advanced level of military academies.

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