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Chilean Army - Arms and Services

To respond to the principle of specialization requiring different organizations of the land force, the army is structured based on weapons, services and specialties which, from times of peace, contribute to the preparation of the force, through the domain of knowledge and professional practice according to their respective characteristics. The mentioned conditions make the army have a complex organization, which brings together different specialties that must integrate, complement and interact harmoniously, in a coordination of efforts, needs, availability and times, giving rise to the units that make up the land force.

Arms are specialized organizations formed by personnel and material that employees as units, develop their work in combat in an integrated manner. They are depositaries of traditions with spirit and identity of their own. Services are formed by staff and specialized resources to meet material needs, life, combat, morality and spiritual of the land force, ensuring the development of operations through the administrative and logistical support that this requires to carry out its missions.

Chilean Army - Arms

Infantry is suitable for maneuver in any kind of terrain and circumstances. Constitutes, by its magnitude and versatility, the main core of the force. The infantry is characterized by the capacity to conquer, occupy, organize and maintain the field. Eventually, make the pursuit of the enemy, by carrying out this the full cycle of action. Diversity of arms with that account, as well as their conditions of mobility and shock, provide your units a balanced set of potentialities that allow them to combat integrated with other weapons, and can do so eventually only with their own means. In contact with the enemy is particularly suited to the combat of nearby fire, as a result of reach and caliber of its tight trajectory weapons. According to the means used and the scenario in which acts, has units motorized, mechanized of mountain and Andean. Also, the characteristics of most of its units, make them suitable to be transported by fixed or rotary wing air assets.

Artillery acts by fire, facilitating the manoeuvre. The technical characteristics of the material that allow you to operate in different scenarios, adapting to the units to which supports. It intervenes in combat from greater distances, helping break the will to fight of the adversary, interdictando battlefield, hindering the movement of opposing troops and hindering their logistical and command and control systems. It is suitable for the surprise of fire, because you can run concentrations in a given space and in a minimum of time. The artillery, according to the scenarios in which it operates, to the threat facing and the type of units to which supports, employs various media, counting with material treatise, self-propelled, rockets and anti-aircraft defence. Taking into account the effects that are achieved with its actions for the benefit of the manoeuvre, the coordination and integration of the means of fire support is done according to their capacities. It weighs substantially in the valuation of the power of combat of a unit, and may influence decisively in the outcome of the operations.

Armored Cavalry is especially suitable for distant fire combat, to carry out exploration and maintain contact with the adversary, to combat encounter, in link tactician and the obtaining of the surprise. It is used predominantly to search for the decision. It is characterized by its tactical mobility, firepower, flexibility, protection that gives the armor of their means and by the power of crushing and shock. Armored Cavalry has an essentially offensive nature and its units normally are integrated combat equipment and mechanized infantry task forces, which achieved its maximum flexibility and an adequate complementarity in which rests the success in the manuver. The Armored Cavalry, according to the means used, has tanks and trucks of different purposes within their units. But tanks have a number of characteristics that limit their use in confined areas. Their weaponry is not situated for a close-in fight, particularly to the sides and rear where they cannot engage targets. The main guns are often too long to traverse fully in narrow streets, and the small vision blocks severely restrict target acquisition. Armor is often very thin on the top, flanks, and rear, and extremely thin on the undersides. The latter makes tanks exceptionally vulnerable to mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) so common in a city fight.

Engineers are endowed with capabilities that allow you to give fluidity and continuity to maneuver units in obtaining its objectives. It is suitable to be used in all types of terrain for the benefit of the manoeuvre, through specialized jobs that are oriented to mobility, contramovilidad and survival of the land force, employing combat, if it is strictly necessary, as a means to meet their specific missions. By the nature of the missions which meets, is the first to come into action and the last to retire. It has the ability to be used independently when the compartimentaje of the field requires. It is characterized by the flexibility in your organization and meticulous technical coordination that requires the use of their means. Engineers units have the capacity to contribute to the combative effectiveness of own forces in any tactical action, as well as to reduce the capabilities of the adversary and channelling their movements through destruction, buildings and obstructions. By the diversity of missions carried out and the type of units to which supports, arranges in motorized, mountain and mechanized units of combat engineers and construction engineers.

Telecommunications, through technical means, accomplish communications at different levels of the military driving also executes actions that allow the exploitation of the electromagnetic spectrum to their advantage. Characterized by being the communications of all systems of command and control platform, because required information flows, resulting from processes inherent in the conduction of the land force, are transmitted through their media facilitating the decision-making to the commanders. Also, has the ability to perform activities of intelligence and security of signals, as also to carry out electronic warfare operations. By technical means of link of all units is established a comprehensive communications system, which requires the efficient functioning of the elements that comprise it.

Chilean Army - Services

Material of War is composed of specialist personnel and organizations ensure the operationality of armament, equipment, accessories, vehicles of combat and support, material engineers and telecommunications, which is accomplished by applying the concept of preventive maintenance and recuperative, ensuring the opportunity in the supply of spare parts, parts, parts and assemblies, liquid fuel and lubricants, as well as ammunition of different calibers. Quartermaster make up this personal service specialist and organizations responsible for the management of financial resources, supply, storage and distribution of subsistence, clothing and equipment, and the use of quartermaster and inventoriable goods management.

Women's military service aims to work for the benefit of human resources, which constitutes the greatest bulwark of the institution, that is why work demand a special dedication and commitment, which has been continuously recognized as a valuable complement to the work of the command. Although at present the female military line service attracts only officers of the ladder, in his beginnings it grouped all the female military personnel, generating a sense of identification for all uniformed women, because it constitutes the common genesis of participation in the army of Chile.

Transportation integrate this personal service specialist and the means by which the actions inherent to the transfer of all kinds of resources from and towards where required, in a timely and efficient manner.

General assistantship performs administrative work relating to the staff of the unit, in matters that do not relate directly to operations and directs the operation of the message center in the context of the system of command and control.

Military justice contributes to the implementation of laws and regulations that govern the army and the administration of justice by the courts of jurisdiction, responding to the double task of advising who exercised command of the unit in matters that are within its competence and in addition, integrating the courts of military jurisdiction.

Health consists of qualified personnel, organizations and facilities responsible for disease prevention, health maintenance of the troop, medical recovery of injured and ill personnel, providing assistance and the supply of medicines and supplies needed, as determining also the evacuation of the wounded and sick personnel.

Dental Health stresses its permanent work, dedication, and efficiency with which performs a service in support of the beneficiaries and the community every time has been sued. Highlights the collaboration made against requirements of the Ministry of health, the deployments of the Hospital's campaign Army military and operative dental, and in aid of the community front to disasters or catastrophes.

Veterinary medicine integrate this personal service specialist and media makers of ensure and maintain environmental health, safeguarding the health of the staff. In addition, provides veterinary assistance, recovery, replacement of mules and horses and sail by the proper implementation of the measures of mitigation of environmental impact of the troops.

Religious service assists spiritually and provides religious care to military personnel, prisoners of war and eventually to the civilian population. Functionally, it materializes through campaign services that develop the administrative units.

Bands, from the earliest times of nationality, were echoes of the vibrant martial sounds of military bands. His music generated at troops enthusiasm, patriotic ardor and value. In lasting and happy times of peace the bands brighten up our spirit, whether in garrison or on campaign. Nobody is alien to the sound effect of their instruments, and any exercise, instruction or slaughter is more pleasant to our mood if done to the sound of military music.

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