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Military Institute of Radio Electronics and Communication

Military Institute of radio electronics and communication was formed (on the basis of Military faculty under Academy of civil aviation) under the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1330 dated from October 15, 2001 and the order of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1/29/1/068 dated from February 20, 2002.

The aim of higher education institute is the preparation of qualified officers of anti-aircraft missile, radio technical troops, communication units, Radio electronics maintenance of aviation, troops and armament automated control system. Preparation of future officers in institute is carried out under the program of higher military vocational education on 5 specialties: - Radio communication and radio navigation; - Communication network and switching system; - Radio engineering for anti-aircraft and missile troops units and formations; - Radio engineering for air defense anti-aircraft and missile troops units and formations; - Radio engineering for radio technical troops units and formations; - Engineer of AF RK automated control systems.

Today here are prepared qualified officers for anti-aircraft missile, radio technical, communications units, units of aviation radio technical maintenance, as well as engineers of automated troops and armament control systems. Since the formation of the Military faculty under the Civil aviation academy and Military-engineering Institute of radio electronics and communication there had been three graduations of officers, who recruited officers’ corps of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan by signalmen and specialists of radio technical maintenance.

Nowadays Military –engineering institute of radio electronics and communication is the only military educational institute of our country which prepares not only officers who may command battle collectives, but also to maintain radio electronic means in military units and formations of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Term of education in the institute is 5 years.

After graduating the institute students get the military rank “lieutenant”. There is the necessary educational and material base in the institute: good classrooms, educational and methodical rooms, laboratories, classes, exercise rooms, computer classes, language laboratories, equipped by modern facilities. There is own training firing ground in the institute. Future specialists are taught by teaching staff which has a big life and military experience, which has high theoretical, methodological knowledge, professional mastership, which are able to organize and conduct any lessons of high quality, using leading forms and methods of education and upbringing.

To raise physical training of the students there are held planned exercises, sport competitions, sport sections are functioning. Teams trained in the institute successfully participate in tournaments of Air Defence Forces AF RK and the Armed Forces RK. Cultural-enlightenment base allows to plan and conduct military-patriotic upbringing and military-patronage work on the high level, which positively effect on successful adoption of education program by students. Administration of the institute pays big attention to organization of leisure of the students. There is own club, standing amateur talent groups, “Club of the Merry and Inventive” team in the institute.

To raise ideological and theoretical level of methodical mastership of military men the institute has educational and art libraries. Good social conditions were created for the life and study of students. Military engineering institute of radio electronics and communication is situated in Almaty, 53 Zhandosov Str., tel. 8 (7272) 99-87-97.

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