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"Tamandaré" Class Corvettes (CCT)

With the "Tamandaré" Class Corvettes (CCT) Program, the Brazilian Navy will expand and modernize its Squadron. With the four Corvettes, scheduled for delivery between 2024 and 2028, the Navy will have new Escort Ships to counter any threats, ensure maritime traffic protection, as well as control Brazilian jurisdictional waters and the exclusive economic zone. , which together form the so-called Blue Amazon, totaling over 4.5 million km². Escort Ships will play an important role in peacekeeping and humanitarian aid missions, contributing to Brazilian Diplomacy.

The selection, won by the Águas Azuis [Blue Waters] consortium, was aimed at the construction of four Meko A100 Tamandaré (CCT) escort ships, scheduled for delivery between 2024 and 2028, as announced by the Navy on 28 March 2019. Brazil has the right to explore an extensive ocean area, with approximately 5.7 million km2, which is equivalent to approximately half of the continental area. In the sea are the pre-salt reserves and from it Brazil removes about 95% of oil, 80% of natural gas and 45% of the fish produced in the country. Through maritime routes, Brazil transports more than 95% of Brazilian foreign trade. In this area there are natural resources and a rich biodiversity still unexplored. Seeking to alert society about the strategic importance of this immense maritime space, the Brazilian Navy changed its name to "Blue Amazon".

The project has an estimated value of R $ 5.5 billion. The Águas Azuis Consortium, formed by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Embraer Defense & Security and Atech, a subsidiary of the Embraer Group, was selected by the Brazilian Navy to build four defense vessels in the CCT - Corvetas Tamandaré Class Program as the preferred competitor. The result represented a new milestone for the defense and naval industries of the country.

With a length of 107.2 meters, 15.95 meters wide, 5.2 meters Draft the Corvette displace 3,455 tons. Drive: four MAN 12V 28 / 33D STC diesel engines with six MW. The cruising speed is indicated by 14 knots (26 km / h). Four Caterpillar diesel generators C32 (one MW) supply the electric power.

The sensor equipment includes the Artisan 3D radar BAE Systems, a surface radar (S-band) and a navigation radar (x-band) of Raytheon, the fire control radar STIR 1.2 EO Mk2 Thales, the electro-optical sight and fire control system Paseo XLR of saffron and the hull sonar ASO 713 of ATLAS Elektronik.

The armament is a mix of guns and missiles. Artillery: 76/62 mm and of Leonardo 40 Mk 4 of Bofors, Missile: Exocet MM40 B1 / B3 and Sea Ceptor (CAMM) MBDA system. Torpedo launcher TLS-TT of SEA and the remote-controlled weapon station Sea DeFnder with heavy machine gun 12.7 mm for short-range defense against FN Herstal, decoy C-Guard of Terma.

Tamandaré is based on the concept the MEKO®- class of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. Since 1982, 82 corvettes and frigates are been MEKO class delivered to navies from 15 nations (details of TKMS). A large number of MEKO were built outside Germany.

The “Tamandaré” Class Program (PCT) has as some of its foundations: the production of ships with high rates of local (national) content, including knowledge management and the consequent transfer of technology; the insertion of the life cycle management mentality, creating a new paradigm of maintenance and evolution of knowledge for the Brazilian Navy; and a self-sustaining character, which gives continuity and consistency to the Strategic Program “Construction of the Naval Power Nucleus”.

The four frigates initially envisaged will be versatile escorts and of significant combat power , capable of countering multiple threats and aimed at protecting maritime traffic, being able to carry out defense missions, close or far, from the Brazilian coast.

They may be used to protect the component units of the Naval Forces Main Body, as well as in remote areas, forming Surface Action Groups or as Search and Attack Units for submarines. They will also be used in the patrol of Brazilian Jurisdictional Waters (AJB), with an emphasis on the inspection and protection of economic activities, mainly oil and fishing.

They will be ships with high fighting power, capable of protecting the extensive Brazilian maritime area, with more than 5.7 thousand km², called "Blue Amazon", to carry out search and rescue operations and to meet international commitments, among other tasks.

The Program is a fundamental element and an indispensable means, not only for the control of maritime areas of interest, preventing access to undesirable means by the sea, but also for the country to act under the aegis of international organizations and in support of policy in a way compatible with Brazil's insertion in the international scenario.

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