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Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais - CFN
Brazilian Marine Corps

The organization of the Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais - CFN [Brazilian Marine Corps] is a bit different from that of the United States Marine Corps, which is a single Corps of Marines. In contrast, the Brazilian Corps of Naval Infantry consists of three entities: the Fleet Marine Force (FFE), which roughly corresponds to the US Marine Corps, the Groupement de Marines, subordinated to Naval Districts, which provide for the security of naval installations as well as performing internal security functions similar to those performed by their Marine counterparts in countries such as Colombia and Mexico; and the Comando-Geral do Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais - CGCFN - [Commandant of the Brazilian Marine Corps], which provides doctrine and materiel development for both elements.

Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais

Comando-Geral do Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais - CGCFN

Corpo de Fuzileiros NavaisThe Comando-Geral do Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais - CGCFN - Commandant of the Brazilian Marine Corps - is meant to contribute to the preparation and application of Naval power, as regards activities related to the personnel, and drillthrough from doctrine, specific to CFN. In case of mobilization, conflict, State of defence, State of siege, federal intervention and special schemes, fit the CGCFN tasks that are assigned to it by the rules and guidelines relating to Maritime Mobilization and issued by the Commander of the Navy.

Department of research and doctrine of the General command of the CFN assists the Commander-General on matters that contribute to the breakdown of the doctrine and for the development of technique and means employed by the Groupement Marines Operating. To this end, the Department conducts studies and proposes measures related to the employment of such amphibious operations, Groupement of riparian land, naval character, evacuation of non-combatants, peace, special and other compatible with the amphibious and Expeditionary nature of Marines.

The Department of Material from the General command of the Marine Corps is responsible for assisting the Commander-General in matters relating to the means of Marines. The Department conducts studies relevant to their area of expertise, proposing guidelines and guiding the conduct of procedures for obtaining means, supply and maintenance under the CFN. Based on these studies and guidelines, it is incumbent upon the command of Marine Corps Material the effective

Fleet Marine Force (FFE)

The force of Marines of the Squadron (FFE), subordinated to Naval Operations command, is located in the municipality of Duque de Caxias (RJ), under the command of Vice Admiral Marine. Is a force basically organized, trained and equipped to conduct ground operations of the naval character.

Amphibious Division / Divisão Anfíbia (DivAnf), located in Ilha do Governador (RJ), is actually a regiment sized unit, and thus not a "Division". It is structured to perform Amphibious Operations, and Terrestrial Operations Limited, necessary for the completion of a naval campaign. There are under its subordination three infantry battalions of Marines (Battalions Riachuelo, Humaitá, and Paissandu), the artillery Battalion of Marines, battalion command and control, the Armoured battalion, the battalion of Aerotático Control and Anti-aircraft, in addition to Marine Corps Base da Ilha do Governador.

Troop Reinforcement / Tropa de Reforço (TrRef), situated on the island of Flores in São Gonçalo (RJ), aims to provide elements of combat support and combat service support necessary to operations carried out by the Marines. Make up its structure the Batalhão de Engenharia de Fuzileiros Navais, the Logistic Battalion of Marines, Amphibious Vehicles battalion companies, police and support for the Landing and the Marines from the island of Flores.

Landing Troop Command / Comando da Tropa de Desembarque (ComTrDbq), also located in Duque de Caxias (RJ), has as main assignment constitute the permanent Command of an Amphibious Unit and monitor continuously the Brazilian strategic situation and plan for possible employment of troops of Marines in situations of crisis or armed conflict. If the President of the Republic to opt for such employment, the ComTrDbq will immediately welcome and embark troops and the necessary means, unfolding them in the area of operations when and as determined.

Special Operations battalion Marines (Batalhão Tonelero), located in the neighborhood of Campo Grande (RJ), is structured to be employed in high risk environment. Has the purpose of destroying or damaging protected areas relevant objectives, capture or rescue personnel or material, resume sites, information, surveys and produce psychological effects.

Basis of Marines do Rio Meriti / Base de Fuzileiros Navais do Rio Meriti (BFNRM), located in the municipality of Duque de Caxias (RJ), provides the means of command, control and administration required to command of the Marines of the Squadron and other Units located there.

Groupement de Marines

Groupement de Marines, subordinated to Naval Districts, are operating units designed to provide the security of naval installations, as well as conduct limited operations in support of the Groupement workforce Operating Marines of the Squadron, compatible with its troops. Are located in the host cities of the Naval Districts, except the 8th Naval district, which has no grouping. The Navy of Brazil has been present in the Amazon uninterruptedly since 1868, contributing decisively to the preservation of national sovereignty in that important region and leading support of all species on riparian populations. Recently, in the face of spiralling international greed for invaluable natural riches there and the aggravation of instability in the border countries, new and diffuse threats have been detected. To increase the responsiveness of national defense system to the achievement of such threats, the Navy decided to transform the Grouping from Marines of Manaus in a Riparian Operations battalion, which will represent a substantial increment of Naval power present in the area.

  • Grupamento de Fuzileiros Navais do Rio de Janeiro,
    RJ (1st Naval district)
  • Grumec Marines of Salvador,
    BA (2nd Naval district)
  • Grumec Marines of Christmas,
    RN (3rd Naval district)
  • Grumec Marines de Belém
    PA (4th Naval district)
  • Grouping of Marines to Rio Grande,
    RS (5th Naval district)
  • Grumec Marines de Ladário,
    MS (6th Naval district)
  • Grouping of Marines from Brasilia
    DF (7th Naval district)
  • Riparian Operations battalion, Manaus,
    AM (9th Naval district)

Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais

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