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Afghanistan - Leading Political Parties

Functioning political parties may be critical to Afghanistan's long-term democratic development and stability but they are generally unpopular and misunderstood, prompting most Afghan politicians to avoid affiliation. By 2010 the five major armed groups operating in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban in late 2001 are now some of the strongest parties: Jamiat-i Milli Islami originally led by Ahmed Shah Massoud (later Rabbani, father then son); Junbesh-e Milli Islami led by Abdul Rashid Dostum; Hezb-e Hawdat-i Islami led by Karim Khalili (there are four or five branches, one of which is led by Mohaqqeq), Harakat-i Islami led by Mohammed Asif Mohseni; and Dawat-i Islami led by Abdul Rasul Sayyaf.

Ethnic GroupPartyLeader
Tajik Jamiat-i Milli Islami
Islamic Society of Afghanistan
Islamic Society
Ahmed Shah Massoud
Burhanuddin RABBANI
Salahuddin RABBANI
Tajik Nahzat-e-Mili Afghanistan
National Movement of Afghanistan
Afghan Nationalist Party
Ahmad Wali MASOOUD
[Ahmad Wali Masood]
Tajik / NONE Hezb-e-Kangra-e-Mili-e-Afghanistan
National Congress Party of Afghanistan
Abdul Latif Pedram
Uzbek Junbesh-e Milli Islami
Jonbesh-i-Milli Islami
(Hizb-e-Junbish-e-Melli-e-Islami Afghanistan)
National Islamic Movement
National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan
Abdul Rashid DOSTAM
Pashtun Dawat-i Islami
[ex-Ittehad-e Islami]
Afghanistan's Islamic Mission Organization
[ex Ittihad-i-Islami Barai Azadi Afghanistan
Islamic Union for the Liberation of Afghanistan]
Ustad Abdul Rasoul SAYYAF
Abdul Rasul SAYYAF
Rasool Sayyaf
Pashtun Afghan Millat
Afghan Social Democratic Party
Anwar-ul-Haq Ahady
[Anwarul Haq AHADI]
Pashtun Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan
Islamic Party of Afghanistan
Mohammad Khalid FAROOQI,
[Abdul Hadi Arghandewal]
Pashtun Hezb-e-Nahzat-e-Hambastagee Mili-e-Afghanistan
National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan
Pir Sayed Eshaq GAILANEE
[Sayed Ishaq Gailani]
Qadiriyya Sufi Arab Mahaz-i-Milli-Islami
National Islamic Front
Mahaz-e-Mili Islami Afghanistan
National Islamic Front of Afghanistan
Pir Sayed Ahmad GAILANEE
[Sayed Ahamad GAILANI]
Hazara Hezb-e-Paiwand Mili Afghanistan
National Solidarity Party of Afghanistan
National Linkage Party of Afghanistan
Afghan National Unity Party
Sayed Mansoor NADREEI
Sayed Mansoor NADERY
Hazara Hezb-e Harakat-e-Islami-e-Afghanistan
Islamic Movement of Afghanistan
Sayed Hussain ANWARI
Hazara Hezb-e Hawdat-i Islami
Wahdat-e-Islami Khalili
Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan
Mohammad Karim KHALILI
Hazara Wahdat-e-Islami Mardoom-e-Afghanistan
Hezb-e-Wahdat-e-Islami Mardom-e-Afghanistan
Islamic Unity Party of the People of Afghanistan
Haji Mohammad MOHAQQEQ
[Mohammad Mohaqiq]
Hazara Hezb-e-Wahdat-e-Islami-e-Melat-e-Afghanistan
Islamic Unity of the Nation of Afghanistan Party
Qurban Ali URFANI
Hazara Hizb-e-Mutahed Islami Afghanistan
United Islamic Party of Afghanistan
Ustad Mohammad AKBARI
Wahidullah SABAWOON
NONE Haq-wa-Edalat
Truth and Justice
Law and Justice Party
PDPA-Khalq Hezb-e-Refah-e-Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Welfare Party
Meer Asef ZAEEFI
[Meer Mohammad Asef Zaeefi]

Getting this all sorted out is no cake walk, given the irregularity of party nomenclature, and even the irregularity with which personal names are rendered. Matters are not helped by the decision of CIA somewhere along the way to cease providing the Afghan names of parties, and only providing the English rendering of the names that CIA thinks ought to be used [a careful observer will note these can change over time, as the National Solidarity Party of 2008 headed by Sayed Mansoor NADREEI became the National Linkage Party of 2012 run by Sayed Mansoor NADERY ].

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