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Bagram Air Base

2007-2009: Use of Bagram by Allied Forces

On September 22, 2007 the speedy landing and launch of a C-5 one of the world's largest aircraft out of Bagram promises brought tremendous capability for the movement of critical cargo across the region. The C-5 Galaxy transport landed without interrupting wing flying operations, a first for Bagram. Previous C-5 landings had required the movement of other aircraft on the flightline to accommodate the massive plane. The completion of runway upgrades in December, 2006 were credited with making the milestone possible along with the teamwork of a variety of agencies in Afghanistan and back in the US. The heavy lift capabilities of the C-5 lend tremendous flexibility to any future coalition operations in Afghanistan allowing for the efficient movement of massive amounts men and material whenever they might be needed.

On December 26, 2007 Afghan national security forces, assisted by coalition forces from Bagram Airbase, delivered tons of humanitarian assistance to hundreds of villagers in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province. The Afghan forces, including members of the Afghan National Police, delivered more than two tons of blankets, toys, soccer balls, flour, rice, prayer rugs, storage bags and otheritems on December 16 and 17 to more than 350 adults and 650 children who showed up to receive the goods. The children, some covered with colorful scarves, smiled and thanked the police, who providedtoys, stuffed animals, crayons and coloring books.

The provincial subgovernor responsible for the districts asked for help after hearing from area chiefs and village elders. The humanitarian aid also served as a way to reward villagers who have ensured the relative safety of the districts by making the area inhospitable to insurgents.

As of October, 2008 an Egyptian medical facility has been operating at Bagram Airbase providing urgent medical care to Afghan civilians and coalition forces. The facility started with 20 inpatient beds then expanded to thirty eventually adding an intensive care unit and an operating room, both of which opened just in time to save the life of a local man who lost both of is legs to a landmine. The facility treats anywhere from dozens to hundreds of Afghans daily making it greatly appreciated by the local population.

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