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Camp Civilian

As the population of the air base continued to expand, the number of troops on Bagram was not the only thing increasing. The demand for civilian contractors grew as well. Due to the number of civilian workers residing on Bagram, a project was initiated to better facilitate their needs and better monitor who is living where. Between the (Kellogg), Brown and Root contractors, media and other civilian employees, there were over 300 non-military personnel on Bagram by mid-2003. At that time, these civilians were spread all over the base living amongst the servicemembers. This caused problems for a couple different reasons. Because most of the civilians are out here for an extended period of time, their needs are different than those of the troops. In addition, their standard of living is a little higher than the standard that the military provides for servicemembers, so other accommodations had to be made. Another reason for relocating the civilians is for force protection. If there were to be an an exercise or if the base were attacked, it makes it easier on military personnel to have all of the civilians located in one area so they can be given proper instruction all at once. To consolidate all civilian personnel in an organized manner, one compound was constructed to house every civilian on Bagram. In May 2003 the construction of Camp Civilian began, initially consisting of 60 B-huts complete with air-conditioning, latrines and four Stratex shower units. The compound was completed by the end of July, but they began relocating civilian employees when the first of the hut was available. Once the city was complete, it was able to accommodate almost 400 civilian contractors. Each hut is designed to accommodate eight people, but realistically there were about six per unit. There was more than enough room to facilitate the need of the contractors here and any more who will be arriving.

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