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SS-188 Sargo

The Sargo class submarines were considered improved S-class boats, slightly lengthened and widened to provide increased fuel bunkerage over the Salmon (SS-182) class which were approved in the FY1936 program. The pressure hull consisted of 11/16-in mild steel. Test depth was 250-feet. There were seven waterproof compartments in addition to the conning tower. They were equipped with four engine rooms generating 5,500hp on the surface, diesel-electric reduction gear, one auxiliary generator, four electric motors generating 2660 hp when submerged driven by two 126-cell batteries. Submerged endurance was 48 hours at 2 knots. Cruising range was 10,000 miles on the surface at 10 knots with 109,025 gallons of diesel fuel. Patrol duration was 75 days.

Six Sargo (SS-188) class submarines were ordered in the FY1937 building program and four more were added in the FY1938 program. Electric Boat built SS-188-190, 194, and 195 ; Portsmouth Navy Yard built SS-191, 192, 196, and 197; Mare Island Navy Yard built SS-193. All were laid down in 1936 and commissioned 1937-38. All ten boats were laid down 1937-38 and commissioned in 1939. They bore the pennant numbers S-7 thru S-16.

Squalus (SS-192) sank accidentally in May 1939. 26 crew perished and 33 were rescued in the first use of the McCann rescue chamber. The submarine was raised and recommissioned in May 1940 as Sailfish (SS-192). Seadragon (SS-194) and Sealion (SS-195) were damaged in the opening days of World War II in December 1941 by a Japanese air raid at Cavite Navy Yard. The latter was declared a total loss; the first US submarine lost during that war. The Seadragon was repaired and returned to service. Sculpin (SS-191), Swordfish (SS-193), and Seawolf (SS-197) of this class were also lost to enemy action during the war.

The surviving submarines were decommissioned 1945-46 and scrapped shortly thereafter.

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