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Next Generation Logistics Ship (NGLS)
Small Auxiliary Logistics Platform (SALP)

Characteristic Minimum RequirementMinimum Requirement
Cargo fuel capacity and type17,920 bbls JP-5952 bbls JP-5
Receive dry cargo, ammunition, and fuelCargo, ammunition, and fuel (double probe receiving station) at sea from Navy CLFReplenish cargo, ammunition, and fuel in the littorals from NGLS PSV
Deck area/cargo capacity for point to point movement 8,000 square feet
500 short tons
2,000 square feet
Cargo area protected from elementsArea for repair parts, ordnance, and foodArea for repair parts
Fuel delivery at sea5,259 bbls JP-5 in under 2 hours alongside in Sea State 3
Fuel delivery to ashore units/facility500 gpm with 2,000 ft hose reel
Potable water transfer ashore11,000 gal with 2,000 ft hose reel11,000 gal with 2,000 ft hose reel
Transfer pallets to afloat units while underway30 pallets simultaneously with refueling Transfer of petroleum products in external tanks/drums
MOGAS and lube oilMOGAS and lube oil
Capable of transferring containers at seaOrganic lift capability to transfer Tricon maximum gross weight (14,900 lb.) at 80 OutreachOrganic lift capability to transfer Tricon maximum gross weight (14,900 lb.) at 35 Outreach (sufficient for lifting to/from pier)
Sustained speedMinimum 10 knots, with an objective of greater than 13 knotsMinimum 20 knots, with an objective of 26 knots
Endurance at sustained speed Minimum 3,000 nmMinimum 750 nm
ManeuverabilityDynamic Positioning DPS-2Maneuver in high seas, and unassisted moorings in austere ports. DPS-2 is desired.
Ships fuelAble to operate using DFM or JP-5Able to operate using DFM or JP-5
Environmental conditionsABS Ice Class C0 is desiredABS Ice Class C0 is desired
Organic crew enduranceMinimum 14 days without replenishmentMinimum 2 days without replenishment
Communications using Navy Systems and future programs of recordSpace/Weight/Power/Cooling ReservationSpace/Weight/Power/Cooling Reservation
Passenger area60 passengers43 passengers
Optionally unmanned equipmentSpace/Weight/Power/Cooling ReservationSpace/Weight/Power/Cooling Reservation

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