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MCF Modular Causeway Ferry

The Transportation Corps has received a new modular causeway system element, the Causeway Ferry. The Causeway Ferry is a replacement system that improves the Army's capability to conduct Logistics over the Shore (LOTS) operations. Successful fielding of the Causeway Ferry was one of the final steps of a coordinated materiel acquisition process involving combat, training, and materiel developers. Long before the system was fielded a series of actions were taken to ensure the Causeway Ferry was produced as a complete system. The complete system included all training and training related products required to train soldiers to transport, set up, operate and maintain the Causeway Ferry.

The Modular Causeway Ferry (MCF) is used to transport containerized, rolling, and breakbulk cargo from ocean going vessels in the stream to the beach. The unassembled causeway ferry is transported by mother ships to the operational area and assembled after arrival. The components of the ferry are transported in standard International Standards Organization (ISO) (20 and/or 40 feet) container cells of commercial and military ships. Upon arrival in the operational area the causeway ferry is assembled on deck or in clam water.

The MCF is configured from powered and nonpowered causeway ferry sections. The nonpowered section consists of nonpowered causeway ferry sections. The nonpowered section consists of nonpowered ISO compatible modules, whereas the powered section consists of powered and nonpowered ISO compatible modules. One powered causeway ferry section (24 x 80 feet) connected to two additional nonpowered causeway ferry sections (24 x 80 feet), and one combination beach/sea end section forms one complete MCF system. The MCF operates in sea conditions ranging from sea state 0 (calm water) up to and including sea state 2, and in surf conditions up to 5 feet. The MCF with maximum rated payload is capable of beaching and retracting under its own power in those gradients commonly found in beach environment.

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