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LHA-6 America / LHX / LHA(R)

HullNameBuilder portUnit AuthorizedLaid DownLaunchCommissionStriken
Flight 0
LHA 6America
(ersatz Peleliu)
Ingalls2007Apr 2008201011 Oct 20142049
LHA 7Tripoli
(ersatz Belleau Wood)
Ingalls31 May 201220 Jun 201403 May 2017
Oct 2016
Jun 20182053
MPF(F) *
LHA 7MPF(F) none20102013201520172052
LHA 8MPF(F) none20142015201720182054
Flight 1
LHA 8 Bougainville
(ersatz Nassau)
LHA 9(ersatz Wasp)TBD20242026202720282073
LHA 10(ersatz Essex)TBD20242026202720322077
LHA 11(ersatz Kearsarge)TBD20282030203220362081
LHA 12(ersatz Boxer)TBD20322034203620402085
LHA 13(ersatz Bataan)TBD20362038204020442089
Flight 2 - LHX
LHA 10TBD20242026202820282063
LHA 11TBD20282029203120312066
LHA 1220322033203520352070
LHA 1320362037203920412076
LHA 1420402041204320462091
LHA 1520442045204720502095
LHA 1620482049205120542099

* In PB11, the Department determined the large-deck aviation ships previously designated for the MPF(F) would better serve the Navy and Marine Corps in the amphibious ship inventory.

** Flight 1 dates reflect FY2015 shipbuilding plan

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