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Amphibious Assault Ships


Amphibious Assault Ships Compared

HullNameClassAuthorizedLaid DownLaunched
CVHA-1 [ex CVE-90]Thetis Bay Thetis Bay
LPH 1 [ex CVE-106]Block Island Block Island
LPH-2Iwo JimaIwo Jima195819611993
LPH 3OkinawaIwo Jima195819621992
LPH 4 (ex CV 21)Boxer Essex19591969
LPH 5 (ex CV 37)PrincetonEssex19591970
LPH 6 [ex CVE-90]Thetis Bay Thetis Bay
LPH 7GuadalcanalIwo Jima195919631994
LPH 8 (ex CV 45)Valley Forge Essex19611970
LPH-9GuamIwo Jima196119651998
LPH-10TripoliIwo Jima196219661995
LPH-11New OrleansIwo Jima196419681997
LPH-12Inchon Iwo Jima19661970
LHA 1TarawaTarawa19691971197319762009
LHA 2SaipanTarawa19701972197419772007
LHA 3Belleau WoodTarawa19701973197719782005
LHA 4NassauTarawa19711973197819792011
LHA 5PeleiuTarawa19711976197919802015
LHA 6( planned )Tarawa------------1971
LHA 7( planned )Tarawa------------1971
LHA 8( planned )Tarawa------------1971
LHA 9( planned )Tarawa------------1971
LHD 1WaspWasp19841985198719882023
LHD 2EssexWasp19861989199119922027
LHD 3KearsageWasp19881990199219932028
LHD 4BoxerWasp19891991199319942029
LHD 5BataanWasp19911993199519962031
LHD 6Bon Homme RichardWasp19961998200020012036
LHD 7Iwo JimaWasp19961998200020012036
LHD 8Makin IslandWasp2000------------
LHD 9( projected 1980 )Wasp---------------
LHD 10( projected 1980 )Wasp---------------
LHA 6AmericaLHA 620052008201020112046
LHA 7( Saipan )LHA 620082011201120122047
LHA 8( Belleau Wood )LHA 620122013201520152051
LHA 9( Nassau )LHA 620152016201820192054
LHA 10( Peleiu )LHA 620182019202120212056
LHA 11LHA 620222023202520252060
LHA 12LHA 620252026202820282063
LHA 13LHA 620282029203120312066
LHA 14LHA 620322033203520352070

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