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FFG(X) Guided Missile Frigate - Specifications

displacement7,400-7,900 tons
Length Overall 496 ft
Beam 65 ft
  • Hybrid Electric Drive System
  • Controllable Pitch Propellers
  • Sustained Speed 26+ knots
    Range 6,000+ at 16 knots
    Accommodations 200
  • MK 110 Gun 57 mm
  • (32) MK41 VLS
  • RAM Launcher
  • (4) MK 53 MOD 9 DLS (NULKA)
  • (8) Naval Strike Missiles (NSM)
  • Electronics
  • Fully Integrated Bridge System
  • Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar (EASR)
  • (2) AN-SLQ-32(V)6 CM (SEWIP) BLK II
  • VDS and MFTA
  • Other Features
  • Enhanced Crew Staterooms
  • (2) 7m RHIBs P/S Enclosed
  • Hanger (2) MH-60R
  • The Navy considered the Threshold values to be the minimum acceptable level of performance for the FFG(X). The Navy is not specifying Objective values, but is interested in Industry concepts that affordably exceed the Threshold values for enhanced capability.

    Key FFG(X) Threshold Attributes
    TIER Attributes Threshold
    1 Materiel Availability >0.64 (as defined by  number of operational end items/total end items)
    Operational Availability >0.72 (as defined by uptime/(uptime+down time))
    Service Life 25 years
    Vulnerability (as defined by the capability to withstand initial damage effects and to continue to perform primary missions) Grade A Shock Hardening for Propulsion, Critical Systems, and Combat System Elements to retain full Air Defense and Propulsion Capabilities
    2 Manning Accommodations 200 personnel crew max (including all detachments)
    Range (minimum distance the ship can sail without replenishment when using all of its burnable fuel) 3000 NM @ 16 kts
    SWaP-C reservation for future Directed Energy and Active EA 26MT, 600kW, 300GPM
    3 Space, weight, power, cooling service life allowance 5%
    Sustained Speed (as defined by the achievable speed at full load displacement, normal trim, and clean bottom) 28 kts at 80% MCR
    Notional Major Weapons Systems
    TIER Warfare Systems (alphabetical)
    1 C4I suite (with accompanying HF/UHF/EHF/SATCOM antennas/CANES)
    COMBATSS-21 Mod Combat Management System (CMS) (Aegis derivative leveraging the common source library )
    Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar (EASR) 3 face fixed array (3x3x3 Radar Modular Assembly)
    MH-60R x 1
    Self Defense Launcher Capability
    Mk53 Decoy Launching System (Nulka)
    OTH Weapon with FCS (2x4) - canister launched
    SeaRAM Mk15 Mod 31
    SLQ-32(V)6  (SEWIP Blk II) - Note requirement in Table 1 for SWAP-C reservation for EA
    Tactical Cryptological System (TCS)
    UAV (1 x MQ-8C) or future similarly sized UAS
    2 7M RHIBs x 2
    AN/SLQ-61 Light Weight Tow (LWT)
    AN/SQS-62 Variable Depth Sonar (VDS)
    AN/SQQ-89F Undersea Warfare / Anti-Submarine Warfare Combat System
    Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC)
    Integrated 360 degree EO/IR
    Mission Control System (MCS) (MD-4A)
    MK 110 57mm Gun (with ALaMO)
    Mk160 Gun Fire Control System (GFCS)
    Mk20 Mod 1 Electro-Optical Sighting System (EOSS)
    Next Generation Surface Search Radar (NGSSR)
    Surface-to-Surface Missile Module (SSMM Longbow Hellfire)
    TB-37 Multi-Function Towed Array (MFTA)
    UPX-29 Identification Friend/Foe (IFF)
    Notional FFG(X) Major Weapons Systems that will be provided as government furnished equipment. Tiers 1 and 2 are outlined against the Navy warfare systems, with Tier 1 again being the most desired.  Values for these systems in terms of Space, Weight, Power and Cooling required can be made available upon request.  In the event the integration of the Major Weapon System elements in Table 2 drives a significant design change to accommodate, the vendor is requested to highlight this area and address what could be accomplished without significant design change, how much NRE would be avoided, and what the resultant design would include.  In addition to identifying cost drivers, vendors are also encouraged to provide design costs, average follow costs, and specifics on designs that will accommodate all the GFE systems and threshold performance requirements.  

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