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FFG-7 OLIVER HAZARD PERRY-class Electronics

The combat systems suites were new and innovative for their time. The combat system employed a new computerized command and decision system that was fully integrated with the ship's sensors and weapons. Two computers provide rapid evaluation of potential threats detected by her radar and sonar suite; and surface-to-air missiles, surface-to-surface missiles, a 76mm rapid fire gun, anti-submarine torpedoes, and the embarked LAMPS helicopter can be employed quickly and effectively to counter potential threats that may come from any air, surface, or subsurface platforms.

Designed as cost effective surface combatants, they lack the multi-mission capability of modern surface combatants faced with multiple, high technology threats. The Perry class were originally fitted with Raytheon's AN/SLQ-32(V)2, a self-defence electronic support measures (ESM) system offering limited frequency-cover and questionable security. The SLQ-32 antennas in a Perry are carried at about 50ft above the waterline, providing an intercept range of only 23nm. Following the Iraqi air-launched Exocet attack on the USS Stark (FFG-31) on 17 May 1987 it was decided to upgrade the (V)2 installation by adding a jammer codenamed "Sidekick". The new variant was later designated SLQ-32(V)5, and to date a number of (V)2s have been brought to the new standard, including most but not all the Perrys.

The Mk 92 Mod 4 fire-control system controls missile and 76-mm gunfire; it uses a STIR (modified SPG-60) antenna amidships and a U.S.-built version of the Hollandse Signaal Apparaaten WM-28 radar forward and can track four separate targets. The ships have the Mk 13 weapons-direction system. The Mk 92 system was updated in three stages; the first, given trials in FFG 29 in 1983, was backfitted to all by 1984 as the "Near-Term Improvement," and included the capability to employ SM-1 MR Block VI missiles.

Phase II (Mk 92 CORT) began trials in FFG 15 in 1986. The CORT (Coherent Receiver Transmitter) Phase-II upgrade to the Mk 92 weapons-control system improved performance in jamming and clutter. The Navy upgraded the Mk 92 Mod 2 system to the Mod 6 system, along with upgrades to radars and processors on 12 frigates. The search radar was upgraded to SPS-49(V)5, and the SYS-2(V)2 integrated action data system was added. As of 1993, FFG 36, 50, 51, and 57 had received CORT, and FFG 61 was completed with it; FFG 47, 48, 52-55, and 59 had it by end of 1995. The weight and cost of CORT, however, are considerable, and plans for further conversions were canceled. The Mk 92 Mod 6 CORT ships were also planned to receive RAM point-defense missile launchers, but that upgrade has also been canceled. The Navy plans to upgrade the self-defense capability of the 12 CORT Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates by installing the Phalanx Block 1B.

Ten other units of the class received the CAN-DO (Commercial-off-the-shelf Affordable Near-term Deficiency-correcting Ordalts) upgrade to the Mk 92 Mod 2 fire-control system, incorporating improved clutter rejection in the radars, automatic target track display, and further improvements to the SPS-49(V)4 radar to detect small radar-cross-section targets over land and in severe clutter conditions.

FFG 61 incorporates all of the changes once planned for backfit to earlier ships and is considered the first Baseline 8' unit; she has integrated radar sensors (with the SYS-2(V)2 Integrated Action Data System), Mk 92 Mod 6 CORT weapon-control system, integrated EW suite, and integrated SPS-49(V)5 and SPS-55 radars. FFG 36-60 have the integrated EW suite, the SQQ-89 sonar suite, and Links 11 and 14. FFG 8-35 had non-integrated SLQ-32(V)2 and Mk 92 Mod 2 FCS. All were planned to be backfitted with the Sidekick active adjunct to the SLQ-32(V)2 EW system; FFG 29, 30, 54, 55 and several others had the antennas by mid-1992. A few ships have been given Furuno-made navigational radars. All have SSR-1 and WSC-3 SATCOM equipment.

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