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CG(X) Next Generation Cruiser / Advanced Cruiser

The CG(X) is the Multi-mission follow-on to DD(X) with enhanced Missile Defense / Air Warfare capability. Development of CG(X), the next generation cruiser, will begin in the future. As a descendant of the DD(X) program, it will share with DD(X) a common propulsion architecture and a stealthier hull form. This hull form will contain an integrated all-electric power system that is more efficient and survivable than today's propulsion systems, and provides more power capacity for future weapons.

The CG(X) Next Generation Cruiser is a multi-mission ship required to perform self-defense, area air defense, and ballistic missile defense. The CG(X) must have a radar capable of operating in different environmental and mission regimes against a wide variety of potential targets and profiles. A scalable radar design with major improvements in power, sensitivity, resistance to natural and man-made environments over current radar systems is needed for multi-mission TAMD (BMD and Area AAW). Modularity of hardware and software, a designed in growth path for technology insertion, and Open Architecture (OA) Compliance are required for performance and technology enhancements throughout service life.

CG(X) will maintain air superiority over the total force. Larger, faster, and longer-range missiles will allow CG(X) to counter state-of-the-art air threats hundreds of miles inland and to perform other missions well in the littoral. A generation of air defense radars is currently under development to counter low-radar cross section (RCS) threats at extended ranges; CG(X) will not only provide sustained air superiority, but will also detect, track and engage ballistic missiles outside of the atmosphere.

Commissioned Dec 1943June 1993~2017
Complement 1,142 ~380150
Sensor Range 60 miles ~250 miles500+ miles
Weapons Range 18 miles 800+ miles1000+ miles
Battlespace Awareness 60 miles Theater Wide Global GIG

In 2001 it was anticipated that the DD(X) program will provide a baseline for spiral development of the DD(X) and the future cruiser or “CG(X)” with emphasis on common hullform and technology development. The Navy will use the advanced technology and networking capabilities from DD(X) and CG(X) in the development of the Littoral Combat Ship with the objective being a survivable, capable near-land platform to deal with threats of the 21st century.

The CG(X) program has been overtaken by events. The Arleigh Burke-class is comprised of three separate variants or “Flights”; DDG 51-71 represent the original design and are designated Flight I ships, DDG 72-78 are Flight II ships, DDG 79 and follow ships are built to the Flight IIA design. Beginning in FY 2016, the Navy plans to procure the DDG-51 Flight III variant which will replace the existing SPY-1D radar with an enhanced Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR). The AMDR will provide superior support in identifying potential targets through improvements in power, sensitivity and resistance to natural and man-made environments.

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