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1934 Maximum Battleships

There is no relationship completely between the Tillman Battleships and the 1934 US Navy "Maximum Battleships (largest battleship) reopened research. The Navy undertook these new studies because it prepared for the end of the naval holiday and the fight with the future Japanese navy. As for the size total length 975 breadth maximum 107 draft 33.5 feet (297.18 32.61 10.21m). The maximum Battleships of the November 1934 plan displaced 66000 tons. The feature of the American treaty opening new battleship, the triplebottom which covers total length. It featured a new 127mm38 aperture dual-purpose gun. Also it is interesting for the carrier-based aircraft facility to have followed the American treaty model heavy cruiser separately. As for the displacement itself, that was closer to the Montana class. But as for the armament, 20 inch (508mm) 8 guns. Design research of the enormous battleship which does not have construction schedule.

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