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Auxiliary Classes

ABcrane ship
ABDadvance base dock
ABSDadvance base section dock
ACMauxiliary mine layer
ACRarmored cruiser
ACVauxiliary aircraft carrier; or tender
ADdestroyer tender
ADGdegaussing ship
AEammunition ship
AFstore ship
AFDauxiliary floating dock
AFDBlarge auxiliary floating dry dock (non-self-propelled)
AFDLsmall auxiliary floating dry dock (non-self-propelled)
AFDMmedium auxiliary floating dry dock (non-self-propelled)
AFScombat store ship
AGmiscellaneous auxiliary
AGCgeneral communications vessel; or amphibious force flagship (now LCC)
AGDseagoing dredge
AGDEescort research ship
AGDSdeep submergence support ship
AGEHhydrofoil research ship
AGERenvironmental research ship
AGFmiscellaneous command ship
AGLlighthouse tender
AGMmissile range instrumentation ship
AGMRmajor communications relay ship
AGORoceanographic research ship
AGPmotor torpedo boat tender
AGRradar picket ship
AGSsurveying ship
AGSCcoastal survey ship
AGSLsatellite launching ship
AGSSauxiliary submarine
AGTRtechnical research ship
AHhospital ship
AHPevacuation hospital ship
AKcargo ship
AKAattack cargo ship (now LKA)
AKDcargo ship, dock; or deep-hold cargo ship
AKIgeneral stores issue ship
AKLlight cargo ship
AKNnet cargo ship
AKSstores issue ship
AK(SS)cargo submarine
AKVcargo ship and aircraft ferry
AKRvehicle cargo ship
AMhminesweeper, harbor
AMccoastal minesweeper
AMSmotor minesweeper
AMCUcoastal minesweeper (underwater locator) or mine hunter
ANnet laying ship (now ANL)
ANLnet laying ship (formerly AN)
AOoiler; or fuel oil tanker
AOGgasoline tanker
AOEfast combat support ship
AORreplenishment oiler
AOSSsubmarine oiler
APAattack transport (now LPA); or animal transport
APBself-propelled barracks ship; or artillery barge
APbbase repair ship
APCcavalry transport; or small coastal transport (formerly APc), now AKL
APDhigh-speed transport
APFadministrative flagship
APGsupporting gunnery ship
APRtransport fitted for evacuation of wounded
AFLbarracks craft (non-self-propelled)
APMmechanized artillery transport
APNnon-mechanized artillery transport
APPtroop barge, class A
APRrescue transport
APSmine laying submarine; or transport, submarine
APSStransport, submarine
APTtroop barge, class B
APVtransport and aircraft ferry
APYgiant "Y" boat
ARrepair ship
ARBbattle damage repair ship
ARCcable repairing ship
ARDauxiliary repair dock (non-self-propelled)
ARDCauxiliary repair dock, concrete
ARDMmedium auxiliary repair dry dock (non-self-propelled)
ARGinternal combustion engine repair ship
ARHheavy-hull repair ship
ARLlanding craft repair ship
AMRheavy machinery repair ship
ARSsalvage ship
ARSDsalvage lifting ship
ARSTsalvage craft tender
ARVAaircraft repair ship (aircraft)
ARVEaircraft repair ship (engine)
ARVHaircraft repair ship (helicopter)
ASsubmarine tender
ASPBassault support patrol boat
ASRsubmarine rescue ship
ASROCantisubmarine rocket
ASSAcargo submarine
ASSPtransport submarine
ASWantisubmarine warfare
ATocean tug
ATAauxiliary ocean tug
ATCarmored troop carrier
ATFfleet ocean tug
ATLtank landing craft
ATOocean tug, old
ATRrescue tug
ATSsalvage tug
AVseaplane tender
AVBadvance aviation base ship
AVClarge catapult lighter
AVDseaplane tender (destroyer)
AVGaircraft escort vessel
AVMguided missile ship
AVPsmall seaplane tender
AVRaircraft rescue vessel
AVSaviation supply ship
AVTauxiliary aircraft transport
AWdistilling ship
AWKwater tanker
AZairship tender (lighter than air)

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