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AM-57 Auk

A total of 92 Auk class minesweepers were built during World War II. 21 were built for the Royal Navy and transferred under Lend Lease. These were the first class of ocean going minesweepers designed during World War II and supplemented a number of trawlers acquired by the Navy to meet wartime demands. The first batch was authorized by Congress in 1940. The first one to join the service was Auk (AM-57) in January 1942 and the last was Pigeon (AM-374) in October 1945.

Eight of this class were lost during World War II; four in the Italian Campaign, one during Normandy, and three in the Pacific. As a tribute to their design, 36 went on to serve during the Korean War. Three were converted to oceanographic survey ships which served into the late 1960s. Two served in the Vietnam theater. The Surfbird (AM-383) was converted to a degaussing ship in 1957 and served until December 1970 as ADG-383. She was the last of the class in service with the U.S. Navy. The Pilot (AM-104) was sold to Mexico in February 1973; she was the last ship of the class in naval service.

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