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Accidents at Sea

  • 6 Dec 02, USS Paul Hamilton (DDG-60), a destroyer, collided with an unidentified vessel in the North Arabian Gulf. No personnel were injured aboard the USS Paul Hamilton. The ship suffered a non-threatening hole in the side of the ship above the waterline and is continuing its mission.
  • 13 Nov 02, USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723), a nuclear-powered attack submarine, collided with a merchant ship in the western Mediterranean, damaging the sub's sail and periscope but apparently causing no injuries.
  • 9 Feb 01, Greenville (SSN-772): Collision
  • 18 Jan 01, Leyte Gulf (CG-55): Grounding
  • 12 Sept 00, LaMoure County (LST-1194): Grounding. Struck a reef off Chile while conducting a tank-landing operation.
  • 27 Aug 00, Detroit (AOE-4) & Nicholson (DD-982): Collision - On Aug. 27, the destroyer Nicholson, based in Portsmouth, collided with the starboard side of the oiler Detroit while steaming side by side during a refueling operation about 100 miles east of the Virginia Beach coast. Two sailors were slightly injured. Damage consisted of twisted stanchions and dents on the Nicholson's port side. The New Jersey-based Detroit sustained even less damage. Both commanders remain in command.
  • 13 July 00, Denver (LPD-9) & Yukon (TAO-202): Collision - The amphibious transport dock Denver, based in San Diego, ran into the stern of the oiler Yukon on July 13 in the Western Pacific at the onset of a refueling operation. The Denver sustained significant damage to its bow, with stern damage to the Yukon. Damage estimates so far for the Denver are $2.9 million. No repair estimates for the Yukon could be obtained.
  • 27 Feb 00, Yukon (TAO-202): Collision with a civilian vessel - Persian Gulf
  • 19 Feb 00, Oak Hill (LSD-51): Grounding - The Norfolk-based dock landing ship Oak Hill ran aground and spent nearly eight hours on a mud bank off Morehead City, N.C., before tugs and a rising tide freed it. The ship sustained no significant damage and was allowed to continue to its overseas deployment. Its commanding officer has remained in command.
  • 16 Feb 00, Shreveport (LPD-12): Grounding - The Norfolk-based amphibious transport dock Shreveport ran aground Feb. 16 in the Suez Canal, on its way back into the Mediterranean Sea from the Red Sea. It sustained damage to its starboard propeller, propeller shaft, rudder and steering system. Its captain was relieved of command. Damages were estimated at $932,000.
  • 20 Oct 99, Underwood (FFG-36): Grounding. The Mayport, Fla.-based guided missile frigate Underwood ran aground off the coast of Egypt about 4 p.m. Oct. 20 while entering the port of Alexandria, and remained aground for approximately five hours until tugs pulled it free. Both its commanding officer and executive officer were disciplined. Damage was estimated at $548,000.
  • 4 Feb 99, Radford (DD-968): Collision. The destroyer USS Radford crashes into the Saudi Riyadh (cargo ship) while the Radford is circling a buoy to calibrate electronic warfare equipment about 25 miles east of Virginia Beach. The Radford suffered $32 million in damage, and one sailor was injured. On June 23, 2000, a Federal judge decided the Saudi Arabian ship was 65 percent to blame for the crash, as its crew did not sound danger signals until 30 seconds or less before the collision. Radford's CO was relieved of command.
  • 4 Feb 99, New Carissa (tanker): Grounding - Oregon. Lawsuit.
  • 18 Aug 98, Seattle (AOE-3) & America (CV-66): Collision. The Seattle collided with the America while leaving the slip in Philadelphia, sustaining minor damage.
  • 14 Oct 96: Roosevelt (CVN-71) & Leyte Gulf (CG-55): Collision. The guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf crashes into the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt during a training exercise off the North Carolina coast. The crash ripped open the the front of the Leyte Gulf and heavily damaged the rear of the Theodore Roosevelt, causing $12 million in damage. Four officers were issued punitive reprimands.
  • 13 Oct 96: Gettysburg (CG-64): Collision. The Gettysburg was acting as plane guard for the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) when she struck the Iranian corvette, Bayandor, while maneuvering in the northern Arabian Gulf.
  • 17 May 96: Jacksonville (SSN-699): Collision. The attack submarine USS Jacksonville crashes into the Saudi Makkah cargo ship in thick fog in the Chesapeake Bay. Both ships suffered significant damage, but no one was injured. The Jacksonville's captain was relieved of command two weeks later.
  • 29 Mar 95, Wasp (LHD-1) & Seattle (AOE-3): Collision
  • 20 April 93, Wasp (LHD-1): Grounding
  • 20 June 92, Ingersol (DD-990): Collision
  • Sinking of the U.S. Tug Barcona By the U.S. Navy Nuclear Attack Submarine USS Houston (SNN 713) San Pedro Channel Near Santa Catalina Island, CA June 14, 1989.

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