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MQM-178A (Firejet)

Aerial Targets mission is accomplished by two major target categories: High Speed Aerial Targets (HSAT) and Medium Speed Aerial Targets (MSAT). Current HSATs are: MQM-107 Streaker, BQM-34 Firebee, and MQM-178A Firejet. The MQM-178A (Firejet) is a pneumatically launched target capable of speeds up to 400 mph at altitudes up to 35,000 feet. These targets are controlled by the Army Ground Aerial Target Control Systems (AGATCS) and are recoverable via parachute if not shot down. The targets are used to test various surface-to-air missile systems, such as the Stinger and Patriot, as well as train anti-aircraft artillery crews.

The MQM-178 Firejet fills a variety of end-to-end weapons-release training roles including surface-to-air and air-to-air. Capable of flying a wide variety of speed and maneuverability profiles, Firejet delivers unmatched versatility by providing the opportunity to test multiple weapon systems with one flexible and affordable aerial target system.

The smallest of CEis aerial targets, Firejet is capable of carrying a combination of internal and external payloads including tow targets, proximity scoring, passive & active (RF) augmentation, and infrared (IR) augmentation.

Pneumatically launched, Firejet is capable of land or shipboard launch, significantly reducing operating costs by eliminating the need for expensive Rocket-Assisted Take-Off (RATO) equipment and facilities. Customers with exiting launch equipment will appreciate that the lightweight and compact nature of Firejets design makes it easily adaptable to a number of existing pneumatic launch systems.

Length10.8 ft | 3.3 m
Wingspan6.5 ft | 1.9 m
Dry Weight130 lb | 59 kg
Engine/ThrustJetCat C81 Turbojet 2 x 81 lbf | 37 kg
Max Launch Weight320 lb | 145 kg
Max Internal Payload Capacity70 lb | 32 kg
Max Wing-Tip Capacity (per side)20 lb | 9 kg
Max Wing Station Capacity (per side)35 lb | 15.9 kg
Max Speed0.69 Mach
Operational Altitude 20 ft / 6 m AGL to
35,000 ft / 10,670 m MSL
Maneuverability Manual/Pre-Programmed
from -2G, to 9G
Fuel Capacity17 Gal | 64.4 L
Smoke Oil0.5 Gal | 1.9 L
Command & Control Configurable (up to 8
targets simultaneously)
Other Capabilities IR and RF Tow Targets
IR and RF Augmentation
Hot Nose
Fixed Flares
Quality Certificates ISO 9001:2008
AS 9100 Rev C

MQM-178 MQM-178

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