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XM307 Advanced Crew Served Weapon
25mm Airbursting Weapon System

The XM307, developed by General Dynamics, is a lightweight, 2-man portable grenade machine gun that fires precision airbursting munitions. It is equipped with a target acquisition fire control sight and is the first automatic weapon to fire a 25mm thermobaric round at the intended range of 450 meters. Compared to the Mk 19 Mod 3 40mm grenade launcher that fires its rounds in a high arc, the XM307 fires on a flatter trajectory, boosting their velocity and letting soldiers put 3 rounds on a target at 1,200 meters in the same time it takes the Mk 19 Mod 3 to send just one.

The XM307 has a full-solution fire control system that includes a laser range finder and a day/night sight. The weapon delivers highly lethal and suppressive fire out to 2,000 meters against personnel and lightly armored vehicles. Highly portable within small soldier units, the XM307 provides overwhelming lethality compared to existing .50 caliber M2 machine guns and 40mm Mk 19 Mod 3 grenade machine guns. The XM307 provides devastating firepower against visible and hidden targets, such as those in foxholes, behind rocks and walls, and inside buildings with windows.

The M307 system can be quickly and easily converted to a 12.7mm / .50-caliber machine gun. This wepaon, the XM312, can be converted back to the M307 in 2-4 minutes by changing 4 parts. The ability to convert the weapons back and forth while in field gives the front-line soldier flexibility in choosing weapons to meet the mission.

A Remotely Operated Variant (ROV) of the XM307 was developed as part of the weapon's selection for the Future Combat Systems (FCS) Common Close Support Weapon (CCSW) program in 2004. The ROV provides integrated weapon, feed, sensors, and actuators, with reduced integration effort, and weight and volume impact to vehicles. It was equipped with the ability to remotely safe, charge, and fire and was self-powered. A dual feed, which was first round selectable, was also developed. The XM307 ROV retains a common operating group with the ACSW, but with the dismounted capability removed.

An alternative to the ROV was a separate Remote Operations Kit (ROK). The ROK was functional for use on either the 25mm and .50 caliber weapon. It required external power, and included: Remote charger and sensor; remote safe/arm and Sensor; misfire sensor; and charged/uncharged Sensor. The ROK was mounted on the gun cradle, which would facilitate dismounting for tripod use.

Also available was the dual feed module concept was, which was for 25mm use only. It was remotely operable, and had to be compact and lightweight. It provided first round response selection, and required external power. It could require a magazine "booster" motor.

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