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XM1114/M1114 HMMWV Up-Armored Armament Carrier

Engine 6.5 liter Turbo Diesel 190hp
Transmission 4-Speed Automatic
Suspension Independent Double A-Frame
Brakes Hydraulic Power Disc Brakes
Maximum Speed 78 mph/125 kmh
Acceleration 0 to 30 mph (48 kmh) in 6.96 seconds
0 to 50 mph (80 kmh) in 17.84 seconds
Weight 12,100 lbs. / 5,489 lbs GVW
Range Up to 275 miles (443 km)
Grade Capability 40%
Side Slope Capability 30%
Other Full-time 4-Wheel Drive
Run-Flat Tires
130-inch Wheel Base
Air Transportable via C-130, C-141, and C-5
Accepts Mounted Armaments
Armor Specifications
7.62mm Assault Rifle Armor Piercing Perimeter
155mm Artillery Airburst Overhead
12 lbs Front and 4 lbs Rear Anti-Tank Mine Protection
Protection Features
Complete Perimeter Ballistic Protection
Mine Blast Protection
Overhead Airburst Protection
" White Glass" Transparent Armor
Gunner Shield
6.5L V8 Turbo Diesel Engine
Waterproof Dual Batteries
Accessible Payload
Electric De-Ice System
Turret Assembly
Heavy-Duty Air Conditioning

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