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The Genesis of the Field Artillery

1. In the beginning there was chaos and the chaos was the
infantry, for the infantry was alone.

2. And fear was with the infantry and they cried unto the
Lord saying, "Lord, save us for we are afraid."

3. And the Lord heard their grunts and set some of the
infantry on beasts of burden and these he called
cavalry, and the cavalry became armor.

4. And when the lord had seen what he had done, he laughed
saying, "Well, you can't win them all."

5. The infantry and the armor again cried out to the Lord
saying, "Lord, save us for we are afraid." And the Lord
heard their cries and decided to end their weepings.

6. And the Lord said unto them, "Lo and behold, I send you
a race of men noble in heart and spirit," and the Lord
created the Gunners.

7. And the Lord said unto the infantry and armor, "When
it gets dark, the Gunners shall light your way."

8. "And when you need smoke, there shall be smoke, and
when you need HE, WP, H & I and counter battery fire,
all this ye shall have."

9. And the Lord gave the Gunners big guns, and field guns,
and the infantry and armor were jealous for they had

1O. And the infantry cried out saying, "Lord, thou hast
created the infantry as Queen of Battles, and now thou
has made the Gunners King of Battles and well knowest
thou what the King does to the Queen."

11. And the Lord replied, "Right On!"

12. And the Lord gave unto the Artillery rockets and
missiles and, best of all, nukes. And when the infantry
and armor saw this they fell to their knees in wonder
saying, "Surely God is on the side of the greatest
-The Gunners."

13. And the Lord sayeth, "You got that right."

14. Now abideth infantry, armor and Artillery but the
greatest of these is Artillery.

- Author Unknown

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