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Field Artillery Units

The Field Artillery team consists of four major elements, each playing a distinctive and critical role.

The Fire Support Team (FIST) FIST works at company level in armor, infantry, and cavalry units and is responsible for developing the fire support plan to support and protect his unit. The FIST uses laser technology as well as the Mark I eyeball to acquire targets, uses advanced radios to call for artillery fire, and adjust that fire onto the target. Manned by Field Artillery officers and soldiers , the Fire Support Team is the front end of Field Artillery's devastating fires.

Target Acquisition The radar platoon is responsible for acquiring deep targets and protecting the force by employing sophisticated target acquisition systems such as radars. The radar sections are the eyes that acquire enemy field artilllery rocket and cannon fire and transmit the coordinates to friendly units for immediate suppressive fires.

The Fire Direction Center (FDC) is the brain of the Field Artillery team. Using a variety of digital computer and communications systems, the FDC is a team that translates the FIST's call for artillery fire into information that can be used by the guns to place "Steel on target" within seconds after receiving the call for fire. Te Fire Direction Centers are the hubs that focus all of the Field Artillery's many assets on the enemy.

The Firing Battery The howitzers, cannons, and rocket/missile launchers are the the machines that deliver 'Steel On Target'. All other elements of the FA team; the FIST, target acquisition, and FDC serve to enable the firing units to deliver devastating Field Artillery fires at the right time and place on the battlefield.

         UNIT                   LOCATION           WEAPON SYSTEMS
       1ST IN DIVARTY          FT. RILEY, KS      155SP
       1ST AR DIVARTY          BAUMHOLDER, GE     155SP, MLRS
       1ST CAV DIVARTY         FT. HOOD, TX       155SP
       2D AR DIVARTY           FT. HOOD, TX       155SP
       2D IN DIVARTY           KOREA              155SP, MLRS
       3D IN DIVARTY           BAMBERG, GE        155SP, MLRS
       4TH IN DIVARTY          FT. CARSON, CO     155SP
       10TH MTN DIVARTY        FT. DRUM, NY       105T
       17TH FA BDE             FT. SILL, OK       155SP, MLRS
       18TH FA BDE             FT. BRAGG, NC      155T, MLRS
       24TH IN DIVARTY         FT. STEWART, GA    155SP Paladin
       25TH IN DIVARTY         HAWAII             105T, 155T
       41ST FA BDE             BABENHAUSEN, GE    MLRS
       42D FA BDE              FT. POLK, LA       155SP
       75TH FA BDE             FT. SILL, OK       155SP, 8", MLRS
       82D ABN DIVARTY         FT. BRAGG, NC      105T
       101ST AA DIVARTY        FT. CAMPBELL, KY   105T
       210TH FA BDE            FT. LEWIS, WA      155T
       212TH FA BDE            FT. SILL, OK       155SP, 8", MLRS
       214TH FA BDE            FT. SILL, OK       155SP, MLRS
       5-11 FA BN              FT. RICHARDSON, AK 105T 
       4-41 FA BN              FT. BENNING, GA    155SP
       A/1-77 FA BTRY          FT. KNOX, KY       155SP
       D/319 FA BTRY           VICENZA, ITALY     105T

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