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V-22 Osprey

Flight Controls

The V-22 has both conventional airplane and conventional tandem rotor helicopter control surfaces. The primary flight controls consist of cyclic sticks located in front of each pilot, thrust control levers (TCLs) mounted to the left of each seat, and floor-mounted directional pedals. These controls are part of a fully digital, electronic, fly-by-wire system. Because the system is completely digital, the V-22 flight control system offers exceptional flexibility to incorporate the actuator control command for both fixed wing and rotary wing control surfaces and provides a smooth transition between helicopter and airplane flight modes.

Flight Controls
Airplane Controls
  • Full-span control surfaces
    • Combination flap/aileron (flaperon)
    • Rudder
    • Elevator
  • Proprotor pitch controlled automatically though TCL input
    • Reduces flapping
    • Maintains constant RPM
Helicopter Controls
  • Proprotor blades are primary flight control
  • Thrust Control Lever (TCL) is throttle and collective pitch

Extensive research has been performed using pilot simulation to design an intuitive and comfortable set of cockpit controls. The figures below illustrate the effects of each pilot control input on aircraft motions in both helicopter and airplane modes.

Fwd Stick

Aft Stick

Left Stick

Right Stick

Left Pedal

Flap Input

Right Pedal

Thjrust Power

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