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T-X Advanced Trainer Replacement


First Flight
Number built350 planned
Comparable Aircraft
  • M-346 Master Raytheon
  • T-50 Golden Eagle Lockheed
  • Boeing/Saab
  • Northrop / BAE / L-3
  • Recognition
    Wingspan meters feet
    Wing Aspect Ratio
    Fuselage Maximum Diametermeters feet
    length meters feet
    height meters feet
    wing area sqm sqfeet
    Weight empty kg lb
    takeoff (clean) kg lb
    takeoff (maximum)9,500-11,200 kg lb
    Fuel, Internal kg lb
    Fuel, External kg lb
    Payload kg lb
    Max weapon load kg lb
    Power Plant probably fanjet
    There is no requirement specified for number of engines
    Thrust, max, SLS, ISA x kg x lbst
    Internal fuel (usable) kg lb
    Performance (clean, ISA)
    Max level speed (sea level) subsonic or supersonic
    Limit speed Mach 0.88 - Mach 1.53
    Stall speed (landing, 20% fuel) 90 KCAS
    Stall speed (reference) KCAS
    Rate of climb (SL) feet/min
    Service ceiling meters feet
    Range / 3 ext. tanks (10% reserve) km nm
    Range, ext. tanks km nm
    Range, clean km nm
    fuel consumption 10 percent lower than the existing T-38 platform.
    Endurance, clean / ext. tanks h min / hr
    Max sustained Load Factor (S.L.) g
    Max sustained Load Factor (15,000 feet) g
    Max sustained Turn Rate (15,000 feet) deg/sec
    Takeoff ground run (S.L.) meters feet
    Landing ground roll (S.L., 20% internal fuel) meters feet
    Limit Load factor + g / - g
    sustained high-G operationsrequirement of 6.5g and objective of 7.5g
    Maneuver “Initiated at or above 15,000ft pressure altitude, at or below Mach 0.9, and at or above 80% fuel weight, the aircraft’s flight path angle during this manoeuvre can be no lower than 15° nose low while losing no more than 2,000ft of vertical altitude and 10% of the initial airspeed
  • aerial refueling
  • night vision imaging systems
  • air-to-air intercept
  • data-link operations
  • Aircraft availability 80%

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