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MC-145B Wily Coyote

The MC-145B Wily Coyote, built by Sierra Nevada Corporation is a spin-off of the Skytruck. C-145A Skytruck is a light cargo and troop transport aircraft designed and manufactured by Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze (PZL) Mielec for the US Air Force (USAF). The aircraft is primarily used to assist the Aviation Foreign Internal Defence (AvFID) missions of the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). The C-145A is an upgraded version of the Polish multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft shortened takeoff and landing PZL M28. The C-145A is an upgraded version of the Polish multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft shortened takeoff and landing PZL M28. The PZL M28 was based on the Soviet An-28, produced under license at the Polish aircraft factory PZL Mielec. In 2007, the PZL Mielec aircraft factory was acquired by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, and soon work began to modernize the aircraft.

At the time of the development and introduction to service of the various variants of the M28 Skytrucka / Bryza, probably no one dared to dream that one day this plane would be in the interest of American special forces. And yet. Unofficial information from a few days ago was confirmed and now it is officially known that Skytruck is one of the proposals in the Armed Overwatch program. Sierra Nevada offers a modified Skytruck called MC-145B Wily Coyote.

The information about the joint participation of Sierra Nevada and PZL Mielec in the American tender was confirmed by the press spokeswoman of PZL Mielec, Agnieszka Gasiewska. The statement stressed that The MC-145B is the most versatile (multi-mission capable), most efficient (weapon and ISR) and most resilient (dual engine) solution to ensure all Special Forces missions are completed. Demonstration flights will take place in June / July this year."

Flight demonstrations will be held at the Eglin base in Florida. Completion of the bidding process is scheduled for March 2022. Then the Special Operations Command will finally decide whether it wants to buy a new plane at all, and if so which one. MC-145B's competitors are AirTractor AT-802U , MAG Aerospace MC-208, Leidos Bronco II (South African AHRLAC) and Textron AT-6 Wolverine. The aim of the Armed Overwatch program is to acquire an aircraft for SOCOM capable of operating from primitive landing sites and requiring minimal logistics facilities. Such machines would support ground troops in fighting guerrilla groups in remote corners of the world under the conditions of American air rule. Airplanes participating in the competition will carry weapons, but they may also have other abilities, for example reconnaissance.

If Skytruck wins, the base version of the aircraft will be equipped in accordance with the requirements of special forces by Sierra Nevada, which boasts a bit exaggeratedly the greatest experience in modernizing M28 aircraft for special tasks around the world. According to the American company, the plane can be adapted to perform reconnaissance tasks, medical evacuation, medical transport or paratroopers . Neither Sierra Nevada nor PZL Mielec provide information about the possible types of weapons or their types. None of the M28 versions used by the Polish armed forces, which are the largest user of these aircraft, are armed.

On the other hand, the plane proved that it works well as a reconnaissance machine. The M28B 1R and M28B 1RM planes used by the Polish Navy are equipped, among others, with a maritime observation radar, a thermal imaging camera for day and night observation and a bearing determination system. The Border Guard also uses a Skytruck equipped with an ARS-400M radar and a FLIR Star Safire II warhead.

In the context of use by special forces, in addition to carrying reconnaissance systems, the M28 can be used to transport six injured on a stretcher with medical personnel, transport nineteen passengers, carry two tons of cargo in the cabin and an additional 300 kilograms in the trunk under the hull and the landing of jumpers. Over the AT-6 , AT-802U and Bronco II, it has an advantage in transport capacity, although those aircraft are certainly more agile. In turn, over the MC-208 it has the advantage of two engines.

Anyone that has seen a Road Runner cartoon knows about the sly, crafty animal called Wily Coyote [also seen as Wile E. Coyote]. Wile E. Coyote is on a mission to finally catch Road Runner. It is the Coyote's nature to chase the Road Runner, presumably to eat him for dinner. The wily coyote chasing the roadrunner runs into what turns out to be a picture of the road or sails off the edge of the cliff but does not fall until he sees that there is no support under him. Wile E. Coyote relied on the Acme Company as the supplier of unpredictable rocket sleds, jet-powered roller skates, faulty spring-powered shoes and other such contraptions. In Native American mythology, coyote often personifies the trickster. In cartoons, the elusive road runner, who constantly outwits Wily Coyote is a trickster. In the cartoons , Roadrunner was particularly adept at outwitting Wily Coyote. There are roadrunners in Death Valley, but they don't usually outsmart the wily coyotes.

When the writers of the cartoon chose to call the coyote wily, they hit the nail right on the head. The real wily Coyote is a far cry from a fumbling cartoon character. In reality, the Coyote is an animal that can adapt to any new environment. Among predatory animals in the United States , the coyote holds a foremost position. Many outdoorsmen consider a coyote the most cunning predator. The wily coyote consumes carcasses left over by wolves whenever possible. While hard-working hunters have been quite successful for many years, coyote populations have shown no ill effects. Coyotes are valuable as controllers of rodent pest populations as well as being an aesthetic addition to the Florida wildlife community. Coyotes are valuable as controllers of pest populations as well as being an aesthetic addition to the wildlife community. In addition to being fast , tough , smart , and keen of nose, the wily coyote can hear pretty well too. Like many legends the exploits of Old Coyote have their basis in fact - in this case in the remarkable intelligence of the animal.

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