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KC-X Advanced Mobility Aircraft

In military use, Advanced Mobility Aircraft will be able to perform airlift and tanker missions through the use of integrated modular tanker systems. This will allow the use of one airframe, with the resulting logistics and operational advantages, to fulfill AMC airlift, airdrop, and air refueling missions. In the airlift role, the AMA can carry all the equipment of the Army's light divisions over a 4,000 NM range. The aircraft can airdrop more than 150 paratroops or two 60,000 pound airdrop loads. For tanker missions, the aircraft can exceed the fuel offload of the KC-135R while retaining its basic airlift capability.

The aircraft will also be an effective member of USAF Air Expeditionary Forces (AEFs) by providing strategic lift for deployments, tanker support in theater, and as a multi-mission aircraft for other AEF requirements. Modular airframe and systems design will allow low cost development of derivative vehicles for a variety of missions including reconnaissance and surveillance, electronic combat, rescue, special operations, global attack with future long-range stand-off weapons, and as a 'mother-ship' for advanced UAVs.

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