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FVL Mission Profiles

Mission Profile Acronyms and Abbreviations: CAS Close Air Support
DAS Deep Air Support
HADR Humanitarian Aid Disaster Relief
HIGE Hover In Ground Effect
HOGE Hover Out of Ground Effect
IRP Intermediate Rated Power
KCAS Knots Calibrated Air Speed
KTAS Knots True Air Speed
MCP Maximum Continuous Power
MRP Maximum Rated Power
NM Nautical Mile
PA Pressure Altitude
SL Sea Level pressure altitude
STO Short Takeoff
V/BE Speed for Best Endurance
V/BROC Speed for best rate of climb
V/LRC Speed for Long Range Cruise (= speed for 99% of maximum specific range)
V/MCP Speed at Maximum Continuous Power
V/90%MCP Speed at 90% of Maximum Continuous Power
VLRC Long Range Cruise
VTO Vertical Takeoff

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