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The XF15C was a mixed power fighter, with a radial engine in the nose and a jet engine aft of the wing, with the jet nozzle under the aft fuselage. It was the last Navy Curtiss fighter. It had a tricycle undercarriage, to clear the jet exhaust, and a bubble cockpit.

The XF15C-1 was soon obsolete. The F15C was far heavier and more powerful than the similar Ryan FR. The XFR-1 Fireball proved better than the aircraft and entered production as the FR-1. The XF15C-1 never reached production because the Fireball was already in production.

Three were built. The first aircraft made its maiden flight from Rochester on 8 October 1945, but this was flown only twice before being scrapped. This was the first prototype. The second prototype was also scrapped after flying only twice. Two of the three prototypes were later modified with T-tails.

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