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F12F Tiger

Grumman projected an all-weather capable F11F, designated F12F (BuNo. 143401, 143302). The development was cancelled and the F12F never flew. The F12F was an attempt to keep the Tiger alive with a new more powerful engine, but the Navy did not buy into it. Conceived in answer to an RFP issued by the Navy in September 1953, Grumman Design 118 was a missile-armed all-weather supersonic fighter intended to complement the F8U-1 air-superiority fighter aboard carriers.

Two prototypes of the XF12F-1 were ordered in 1955, but the contract was cancelled shortly after because the McDonnell XF4F-1 was more heavily armed and promised to have better performance. Production of F12F-1s were to have been powered by a pair of 18,000-lb. thrust General Electric J79-GE-207 turbojets and fitted with an APQ-50 radar. Proposed armament consisted of three Sparrow radar-guided missles or two Sparrows and three Sidewinder IR missiles flush-mounted beneath the fuselage of trapezes which were to swing down before missile launch.

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