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F-11A / F11F Tiger

Type Carrier based fighter
Accommodations Pilot only
Power plant One 7,450 lb s.t. Wright J65-W-18 turbojet with afterburner
Span 31 ft. 7.5 in;
Length46 ft. 11.25 in,
height 13 ft 2.75 in,
wing area 250 sq ft
Weights Empty, 13,428 lb.; gross, 22,160 lb.
Max speed 750 mph at sea level
cruising speed577 mph at 38,000
initial climb 5,130 ft/min.;
service ceiling 41,900 ft;
range 1,270 st. miles.
Armament Four fixed forward-firing 20 mm guns; four underwing Sidewinder 1A or 1C air-to-air missles.

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