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EH-60L Advanced Quick Fix

The Advanced QUICKFIX Special Purpose Countermeasure System is comprised of the United Technology Sikorsky Aircraft EH-60A BLACKHAWK helicopter modified to carry the AN/ALQ-151(V)3 mission system. The EH-60A helicopter was reconfigured to the EH-60L model with the addition of T700-GE-701C engines, improved durability main gearbox, improved flight controls (ECP-451), upgraded communication radios (AN/ARC-186 VHF AM/FM to AN/ARC-201A SINCGARS radios), and improvement of the Extended Range Fuel System (ERFS) with two 230 gallon tanks at the outboard stations. The airframe is modified to accept installation of the mission equipment, upgraded Inertial Navigational System (INS), and upgraded Environmental Control System (ECS). The EH-60L airframe, avionics equipment, Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE), and CN-1656/ASN standard navigation unit are repaired IAW the standard aviation maintenance structure (i.e. AVUM, AVIM). Units that have the EH-60A assigned already have the necessary equipment to maintain the EH-60L.

Initially a contract for the conversion of 32 EH-60A Quick Fix IIBs to the EH-60L Advanced Quick Fix [AQF] configuration was supposed to be issued in 1995, leading to a 1997 deployment. This plan was deferred in favor of a low-rate initial production (LRIP) upgrading of seven aircraft to the EH-60L AQF configuration. Improvements to the airframe over the EH-60A include installation of UH-60L engines and gearbox for increase in maximum weight from 7,845 kg (17,295 lb) to 10,206 kg (22,500 lb). Three were funded in FY96, though only one of the four planned for FY97 was funded. All four systems were assigned to test activities. As fielded for Task Force XXI trials during 1997, the EH-60L included the Sanders TACJAM-A ESM for detection, direction-finding, identification and tracking of communications signals in HF, UHF, VHF and SHF frequency bands, the Lockheed Martin Federal Systems communications high-accuracy locating system - exploitable (CHALS-X) for direction-finding in HF, UHF and SHF frequency bands; and signal location subsystem (SILO) for direction-finding in VHF frequency band. The program subsequently underwent several restructures, and as of early 2001 additional EH-60L procurement seemed unlikely.

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