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AH-1 Cobra

Contractor Bell Helicopter, Textron, Inc. (Prime), General Electric, Kollsman Inc.
Power Plant Two General Electric T700-GE-401 Turboshaft engines (1,690 horsepower each)
Accommodations Two seats, in tandem (pilot in rear, copilot/gunner in front)
Countermeasures Dependant on model, can include:
M130 Chaff/Flare dispenser
SUU-41/A Flare dispenser
AN/ALE-39 Chaff System
Armament Dependant on model, can include:
M28 Armament Subsystem with M134 7.62mm Minigun and M129 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher
M97 Armament Subsystem with M197 three barrel 20 mm gun (with 750 round ammo container)
Underwing stores stations for four-eight TOW missiles, four-eight HELLFIRE missiles, 2.75 inch and 5 inch rockets
Wingtip pylons for AIM-9 Sidewinder or FIM-92 Stinger missiles
External Dimensions
Main rotor diameter 14.63 m
Main rotor blade chord 0.84 m
Tail rotor diameter 2.97 m
Tail rotor blade chord 0.305 m
Distance between rotor centers 8.89 m
Wing span 3.28 m
Wing aspect ratio 3.74
Length (overall, rotors turning) 17.68 m
Length (fuselage) 13.87 m
Width overall 3.28 m
Height (to top of rotor head) 4.11 m
Overall height 4.44 m
Ground clearance (main rotor, turning) 2.74 m
Elevator span 2.11 m
Width over skids 2.24 m
Weights and Loadings
Weight empty 4,634 kg
Mission fuel load (usable) 946 kg
Maximum useful load (fuel and disposable ordinance) 2,065 kg
Maximum Takeoff and landing weight 6,690 kg
Maximum disc loading 39.80 kg/m2
Maximum power loading 4.42 kg/kW
Main rotor blades (each) 6.13 m2
Tail rotor blades (each) 0.45 m2
Main rotor disc 168.11 m2
Tail rotor disc 6.94 m2
Vertical fin 2.01 m2
Horizontal tail surfaces 1.41 m2
Climb rate 1,925 feet per minute
Maximum altitude 14,750 feet
Maximum attainable speed 170 knots (195 mph)
Maximum cruising speed 152 knots (173 mph)
Performance (At Maximum T-O weight, ISA)
Never exceed speed (Vne) 190 knots
Maximum level speed at S/L 152 knots
Rate of climb at S/L, OEI 244 m/minute
Service ceiling More than 4,720 m
Service ceiling, OEI More than 3,660 m
Hovering ceiling (IGE) 4,495 m
Hovering ceiling (OGE) 915 m
Range at S/L with standard fuel, no reserves 317 nm

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