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US Forces Order of Battle - 1 September 2004

Southwest Asia - Air Forces

Location Unit Aircraft Personnel
TOTAL~ 518~ 17,000
Land Based Aircraft
Ninth Air Force (CENTAF)
20th Special Operations Sq? - MH-53M
555th Fighter Sq? - F-16CJ
52nd Fighter Wing? - A-10~1,000
Qatar - Al Udeid~ 3,500
379th Air Expeditionary Wing
122nd Fighter Wing [mid-August to Mid-Sep 04?]~ 275
379th Exp Civil Engineer Sq
379th Exp Aircraft Maintenance Sq
167th Airlift Sq, [167th AW]? - C-130 H~ 110
745th Exp Airlift Sq5 - C-130 H
133rd Air Refueling Sq, [157th ARW]? - KC-135R~ 100
340th Exp Air Refueling Sq? - KC-135
379th Exp Air Refueling Sq? 4 - KC-10
494th Fighter Sq? 3 - F-15E
BIOT - Diego Garcia
40th Air Expeditionary Wing
40th Exp Bomb Sq9 - B-52H
U/I Exp Bomb Sq? - B-1B
9th Exp Air Refueling Sq
40th Exp Air Grp
Iraq - Baghdad IAP / Camp Sather
447th Air Expeditionary Group
447th Exp Civil Engineer Sq
335th Civil Engineer Sq
447th Exp Security Forces Sq
15th Air Support Operations Sq
304th Rescue SqHH-60G
101st Rescue SqHH-60G
Iraq - Balad AB
332nd Air Expeditionary Wing
150th Fighter Wing July 27-Mid-September185
46th Reconnaissance Sq ? - Predator
822nd Security Forces Sq
74th Fighter Sq [407 EFS] ? - A-10
303rd Fighter Sq ?1 - A-10
5th Combat Communications Grp
332nd Exp Civil Engineer Sq
332nd Vehicle Operations Sq
332nd Exp Air Sprt Ops Sqdn
332nd Exp Intel Flt
332nd Exp Rescue Sq2 - HH-60G
332nd Expeditionary Medical Group
Iraq - Kirkuk
506th Air Expeditionary Group
355th Exp Aircraft Sq
506th Exp Civil Engineer Sq
506th Exp Communications Sq
506th Exp Medical Sq
107th Fighter Sq ? - F-16
Iraq - Tallil AB
407th Air Expeditionary Group
407th Exp Civil Engineer Sq
407th Exp Communications Sq
407th Exp Logistics Readiness Sq
407th Exp Maintenance Sq
407th Exp Medical Sq
Kuwait - Ali Al Salem AB
386th Air Expeditionary Wing
440th Airlift Wing C-130 ~150
U/I Air Wing
U/I Air Wing
U/I Air Wing
U/I Air Wing
332nd Air Expeditionary Group
71st Rescue Squadron 2 - HC-130P
Kuwait - Ahmed Al Jaber~ 3,500
Oman - Masirah AB
321st Air Expeditionary Wing
355th Air Expeditionary Group
Oman - Seeb IAP
320th Air Expeditionary Wing
Oman - Thumrait AB
405th Air Expeditionary Wing
UAE - Al Dhafra AB
380th Air Expeditionary Wing
380th Exp Civil Engineering Sq
U/I Air Refueling SqKC-10
U/I Location
486th Air Expeditionary Wing20~1,000
U/I Airlift Sq20 - C-130
Sixteenth Air Force (EUCOM)
Bul - Bourgas / Sarafovo
401st Air Expeditionary Wing
Rom - Constanta
U/I Unit
U/I Air Refueling Sq, 507 ARW2 - KC-10
Crete - Souda Bay
401st Air Expeditionary Wing
Jordan - U/I Location
U/I Unit
Germany - Rhein-Main AB
362nd Air Expeditionary Group
16th Airlift Sq, [437th AW]? - C-17 H
TK - IncirlikAB
39th Air Base Wing
385th Air Expeditionary Group
U/I Air Refueling Sq, [121st ARW]4 - KC-135 R
U/I Air Refueling Sq, [92nd ARW]? - KC-135 R

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