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39th Air Base Wing [39 ABW]
39th Air Base Group [39 ABG]
39th Wing [39th WG]
39th Air & Space Expeditionary Wing

The mission of the host 39th Wing is to help protect U.S. and NATO interests in the Southern Region by providing a responsive staging and operational air base ready to project integrated, forward-based airpower. The wing's operational counterpart, the 39th Air and Space Expeditionary Wing, provides U.S. Air Force assets to Operation Northern Watch.

Although the 39th Wing has no permanent U.S. Air Force aircraft, it provides excellent facilities and support for five key areas:

  • Wartime and contingency operations;
  • Training deployments and regional exercises;
  • Maintenance and storage of U.S. munitions in a high state of readiness;
  • Communications for National Command Authority taskings; and
  • Hub support for 21 tenant units, four operating locations, and two geographically separated units (GSUs) throughout Turkey and surrounding countries.

The base's human element includes nearly 1,400 U.S. Air Force military members, more than 670 U.S. and Turkish civilian employees, more than 2,000 family members, nearly 900 Turkish maintenance contractors, and approximately 1,700 people deployed to support ONW. (Numbers current as of February 1999). These numbers changed as Incirlik went through a "rightsizing" through 1999.

In its 39 ASEW role, the wing supports a coalition of U.S., British, and Turkish forces are flying hundreds of ONW sorties to enforce the United Nations' "no fly zone" in northern Iraq.

Besides its real-world operational support, Incirlik offers excellent training facilities for visiting flyers. These facilities complement the area's cooperative weather, sparsely populated terrain and uncongested airspace.

For certain U.S. folks stationed in other Turkish locations and surrounding countries, the 39 WG acts as a hub of support. Key areas include supply, base infrastructure maintenance, security, medical services, airlift, and other services.

Most recently the 39th Wing has been providing support to Operation Enduring Freedom as C-17s associated with the unit are airlifting supplies and troops to Afghanistan.

During the main combat operations against Iraq in 2003, the 39th Air & Expeditionary Space Wing deactivated as operations at Incirlik declined due to Turkey's decision not to allow US forces to stage combat operations against Iraq from their territory. The 39th Air Base Group was subsequently activated to supervise remaining operations.

The 39th Air Base Group deactivated and the 39th Air Base Wing activated during a ceremony at Incirlik on March 12, 2004. A wing structure provides Incirlik Air Base with the level of experienced leadership, supervision and knowledge necessary to ensure the base can continue to successfully execute its mission. Additionally, the 39th Maintenance Group and the 39th Mission Support Group stood up.

39th Operations Group

The focal point for the wing's flight and maintenance support is its 39th Operations Group. Deployed commanders work flight operations, beddown and maintenance support, and tactical evaluations issues with members of the group.

The OG also serves deployed units by overseeing operations at the USAFE weapons training range near Konya Air Base, Turkey. The range, located about 140 miles northwest of Incirlik, is a facility for training in surface attack tactics and weapons employment. USAFE and the Turkish Air Force jointly use the range.

The OG's backbone is its 39th Operations Support Squadron. The OSS supports most Incirlik flying activities by providing operations plans, weapons and tactics liaison, intelligence operations, airfield management, air traffic control, radar approach control, and running the only U.S. weather station in Turkey.

The OSS also provides sortie generation, supply and maintenance support, and maintains flying operations centers and hardened aircraft shelters for deployed aircraft.OSS' support activities and that of all other 39 WG organizations make Incirlik a substantial contributor to the success of U.S. and NATO forces in the Southern Region.

The Air Refueling Squadron airmen who deploy to Incirlik fall under the 900th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron - the linchpin for United States aircraft flying ONW missions. The hardworking airmen of the 900 EARS, from ground support personnel to the aircrews, ensure mission-essential fuel is airborne for strike and reconnaissance airframes that all rely on the KC-135 for air refueling support.

39th Support Group

The 39th Support Group is the focal point for base functions ranging from housing and civil engineering support to information management and services squadron activities. The group and its subordinate squadrons provide full support services to permanently assigned people and several thousand troops deployed here for training or contingency operations.

39th Mission Support Squadron

The 39th Mission Support Squadron conducts personnel, education, information management, family support, and Professional Military Education programs through Turkey. These functions are vital in meeting personnel readiness requirements and providing for quality of life. The MSS also directs contingency and war activities in support of command personnel readiness.

39th Civil Engineer Squadron

The 39th Civil Engineer Squadron evaluates the largest contracted civil engineering operation for Incirlik Air Base and four geographically separated units. They also provide explosive ordnance disposal, alarm systems, and readiness/disaster preparedness services for Air Force installations throughout Turkey.

39th Services Squadron

Everyone at Incirlik is touched in some way by the 39th Services Squadron, whether it's in the forms of goods and merchandise, special services or agency support. They provide food, lodging, recreation, laundry, mortuary, honor guard, and youth and child development services, as well as fitness opportunities for permanently assigned and deployed folks at Incirlik. It serves as a hub of support for services activities at five geographically separated units within Turkey. Additionally, services maintains a PRIME RIBS (Readiness in Base Services) program for contingency field feeding, search and recovery, and mobility operations.

39th Communications Squadron

The 39th Communications Squadron, one of Incirlik's largest units, is responsible for critical command and control systems on base. It maintains air traffic control systems, and weapons storage area security systems. The unit's support extends from the base telephone service, personal computers and handheld radios to the photo lab, cable television, and project management. The 39 CS also ensures smooth operation of the base communications center, data automation center, and the switchboard. The squadron's system control facility serves as a major defense communications system hub with approximately 400 long-haul circuits. They also provide an AUTODIN gateway for U.S. Navy vessels in the Mediterranean Sea. Other functions include maintaining the global radio station for command and control high-frequency radio communications and performing global weather intercept functions for the entire Middle East/African region.

39th Security Forces Squadron

The 39th Security Forces Squadron's mission includes security of a the weapons storage area, security for TDY weapons training detachments, support for AMC resources, support of contingency operations, and law enforcement duties.

39th Logistics Group

The 39th Logistics Group and its subordinate squadrons provide a full range of logistics support to Incirlik as well as regional logistics across the Republic of Turkey. The following units belong to the 39 LG:

39th Contracting Squadron

The 39 CONS is responsible for providing support through purchase of supplies, services, and construction. They provide program management and administration of the Turkey Base Maintenance Contract, and a country-wide quality assurance surveillance program. The squadron provides services to all U.S. government and Department of Defense activities in Turkey operating from the Incirlik "hub," which supports units at Ankara, Iskenderun, Istanbul, Izmir, Karatas, and Yumurtalik. The squadron also directly supports operational and TMBC activities for Operation Northern Watch.

39th Supply Squadron

Under the "hub" regional logistics support concept, the 39 SUPS provides direct supply and fuels support to all Air Force and NATO units in Turkey. The unit stores and issues war readiness materiel for units deploying to Turkey and logistically assists in their reception, beddown, and employment. 39 SUPS also administers the Hazardous Materiel Pharmacy Operations for Incirlik and its geographically separated units.

39th Maintenance Squadron

The 39 MXS is the source for intermediate-level maintenance on all aircraft deployed for weapons training or contingency operations. Aerospace ground equipment, aircraft accessories, fuel systems, structural fabrication and repair, armament support, central base coordinator, and munitions support are all provided to deployed flying squadron and geographically separated units in Turkey. Additionally, the squadron maintains war reserve materiel for NATO's southern region. The maintenance flight provides complete launch and recovery service for transient aircraft as well as crash recovery for host nation and NATO aircraft.

39th Transportation Squadron

The 39 TRANS is a vital part of the Team Turkiye logistics mission. Transportation members take care of cargo redistribution, wartime mobility operations for the regional reconsignment of freight, contingency mobility reception and redeployments, and wing transportation planning. The squadron is also responsible for providing passenger travel and personal property services as well as wing compliance with Turkish and U.S. customs requirements.

Detachment 1, Ankara

Det. 1, located in Ankara, coordinates all import, export and transfers of munitions, vehicles, and other major items of equipment.

39th Medical Group

The 39th Medical Group is the only U.S. military hospital in the Republic of Turkey. As a result, the health care staff assigned here provide top-quality health care and health prevention to approximately assigned military members and their families, as well as temporary duty, State Department, NATO, and other authorized TRICARE-enrolled individuals.

628th Air Mobility Support Squadron

The 628th Air Mobility Support Squadron consists of three flights: logistics, aerial port, and air mobility control center. It provides strategic, theater, and contract commercial air mobility support to Europe, Africa, and South West Asia. The aerial port flight is responsible for all transportation related functions to include freight, fleet, the air transportation operations center, and the passenger terminal. The AMCC directs the operation of all airlift support aircraft entering and departing Incirlik. The logistics flight provides maintenance and supply support for all air mobility aircraft transiting Turkey. Although the 628 AMSS is an Air Mobility Command squadron with its headquarters at Ramstein AB, Germany, it works hand-in-hand with the 39th Wing and host country to ensure 5-star service for global reach.

Detachment 7, AFNEWS

Detachment 7, Air Force News Agency (AFNEWS) is a tenant unit that provides television and radio service to the base. Although its operation and functional chains of command are a bit complicated, Detachment 7's mission is quite simple: Provide information and entertainment to the Incirlik community and tell the Incirlik story to the rest of the world.

The detachment is one of several around the world under operational control of the Air Force Broadcasting Service (AFBS) directorate of AFNEWS, headquartered at Kelly AFB, Texas. The detachments serve as outlets for the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS). AFRTS procures radio and television programming from all the civilian networks, and beams it around the world via satellite to help servicemembers stationed overseas stay in touch with home.

Since Incirlik housing is cabled, base residents are able to see and hear all the AFRTS stations. There are five channels. The base cable also carries several radio services on FM channels that can be heard by hooking up the cable to a receiver. Some of the selections include country, adult rock and National Public Radio (NPR).

Detachment 7 also originates local programming under the name AFN-Incirlik. The unit produces two live radio programs each weekday; from 6-10 a.m., and 2-5 p.m. In addition, the radio section produces newscasts covering local events that are aired throughout the day. Local news is also covered on television through a daily newscast. AFN-Incirlik also produces information spots for both radio and television.

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