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4QFY94 through 3QFY96

JRTC Priority Trends is a compilation of recurring (priority) positive and negative JRTC trends and associated techniques and procedures. Extracted from CALL's CTC Trends for JRTC, this first such compilation covers two years (eight quarters) of JRTC trends (4QFY94, 1,2 & 3QFY95, 4QFY95 & 1QFY96, and 2 & 3QFY96). Future JRTC Priority Trends will cover four quarters (one year).

JRTC Priority Trends highlights positive and negative trends that appear more than once in all CTC Trends for JRTC during the period covered (in this case, eight quarters). The trends are listed in order of priority, based on the number of times they were repeated. It is important to note that these trends and recommended techniques and procedures are a compilation of quarterly JRTC observer/controller (OC)-derived observations. They are not based on CALL statistical studies or analysis.

JRTC priority trends and associated techniques are listed by Battlefield Operating System (BOS), and are grouped into major sections as shown:

Section A - Priority Trends Matrix Summary
Section P - Positive Performance Trends and TTPs
Section N - Needs Emphasis Trends and TTPs

Section A is a matrix chart of all the priority trends within their respective BOS. The chart shows the number of times per quarter an OC documented that particular trend/observation.



Needs Emphasis4Q94123Q954Q95 / 1Q962-3Q96
1. The Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
(IPB) process and application

In this example, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) process and application is "Negative Trend 1" under TA.5 Intelligence Battlefield Operating System (BOS). This means it was reported more times in the last eight quarters than any other TA.5 negative trend, and is therefore the number 1 priority. It was reported 6 times in the last eight quarters (1 in 4QFY94; 1 in 123QFY95; 2 in 4QFY95/1QFY96; 2 in 2-3QFY96). Battlefield Operating System (BOS) codes, i.e., "TA.5 Intelligence", are based on TRADOC Pam 11-9, Blueprint of the Battlefield. "TA" refers to the tactical level of war. The number "5" is the Intelligence BOS number.

Sections P and N contain the positive and negative trends as they were published in CTC Trends for JRTC during the last eight quarters. A summary of the recommended techniques for all observations pertaining to a single priority trend appears immediately following the observations for that trend. The techniques for each priority trend are compiled from the O/C's recommendations to improve battlefield performance. Some are intended for implementation during mission execution. Others are meant to be trained at Home Station.

Section A: Priority Trends Matrix Summary


Positive Performance Table of Contents

Needs Emphasis Table of Contents


Section P - Positive Performance Trends and TTPs

Section N - Needs Emphasis Trends and TTPs

This document was prepared by Eloisa Green, CALL, Fort Leavenworth, KS.

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