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bullet.gif 0.18 KForeword

bullet.gif 0.18 KExecutive Summary

bullet.gif 0.18 KChapter 1: Introduction

It's a dirty business, but somebody has to do it. (URBAN COMBAT), by George J. Mordica II
Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain: The 2d Battalion, 26th Infantry at Aachen, October 1944, by Dr. Christopher R. Gabel*

bullet.gif 0.18 KChapter 2: Intelligence

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) for Urban Combat Operations, by Michael Ley
Wargaming and Analyzing the Urban Threat, by David P. Dilegge

bullet.gif 0.18 KChapter 3: Command and Control

Command and Control, by MAJ Rex Davis, MAJ David Harper, MAJ William Roka, and CPT David Sizemore

bullet.gif 0.18 KChapter 4: Combined Arms Maneuver

Combined Arms Maneuver During Urban Combat, by Arthur A. Durante and CAPT Shenandoah Sanchez
MOUT Operations, by CPT Nicholas Panagakos* and 1SG Ralph Kluna*

bullet.gif 0.18 KChapter 5: Fire Support

Fire Support Considerations for Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), by LTC Anthony J. Puckett

bullet.gif 0.18 KChapter 6: Mobility and Survivability

Planning Engineer Support for an Urban Attack, by CPT John C. DeJarnette
Force Protection in Urban Terrain, by Stephen R. Reinhart

bullet.gif 0.18 KChapter 7: Logistics

Logistical Operations on Urban Terrain, by MAJ William Carter

bullet.gif 0.18 KChapter 8: Combat Health Support

Combat Health Support, by MAJ David Sheaffer

bullet.gif 0.18 KChapter 9: Flight Operations in Urban Areas

Aviation Operations on Urban Terrain, by CPT John White and CW3 Michael Scheel

bullet.gif 0.18 KAppendix A: The Platoon Urban Operations Kit by MAJ Jeffrey A. Bovais

bullet.gif 0.18 KAppendix B: U.S. Marine Organization by David P. Dilegge and CAPT Shenandoah Sanchez

bullet.gif 0.18 KAppendix C: Weapon Effects and Employment in an Urban Environment by Tactics Group, The Basic School (USMC), MCCDC

bullet.gif 0.18 KAppendix D: Aircrew Map Conversion Techniques by CPT John White

bullet.gif 0.18 KAppendix E: Task Summary Sheet

bullet.gif 0.18 KAppendix F: Simple Marking Devices for Urban Operations by Arthur A. Durante

bullet.gif 0.18 KAppendix G: The Battle for Grozny and the Battle for Shugart-Gordon: Similarities and Differences by Lester W. Grau

bullet.gif 0.18 KAcknowledgements

The Secretary of the Army has determined that the publication of this periodical is necessary in the transaction of the public business as required by law of the Department. Use of funds for printing this publication has been approved by Commander, U. S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, 1985, IAW AR 25-30.

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NOTE: Any publications referenced in this newsletter (other than the CALL newsletters), such as ARs, FMs, and TMs, must be obtained through your pinpoint distribution system.

This document was prepared by CALL, Fort Leavenworth, KS.
Last Update: 23 Nov 1999 (jjs)

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